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When we see Him;
O what joy would escape from my heart,
When we behold His face;
His praises shall burst out from my lips
Then shall our frail bodies be changed,
And as the stars up above fall headlong,
We shall take flight to the skies
And into His warm embrace
In response to the trumpet’s blare
Where the host of legions of angels
Full of glory, full of power
Shall celebrate the return of the King
And announce His supremacy throughout the earth
And we shall see our family and friends
Those who were swaddled in sleep’s cold hands
Rise up from the grave which held them down
Just like the Shepherd of their souls did
The coat of corruption shall be taken off
But we shall in turn be adorned
With suits of incorruptible form,
blazing with the radiance of His glory
Not a single tear can have our cheeks for a slide
For sorrow shall be obliterated,
For pain shall be excommunicated,
The arms of depression would lose their tight hold
Guilt’s strength shall wane till extinction
Condemnation’s government shall be overthrown
Sin will finally be homeless,
For he shall find no abode in us
Neither in the four corners of the world
As my new body gifted to me
Shall consists only of atoms of holiness
So no need to wrestle against what’s already defeated
Now I’m literally standing at the gates of heaven,
In anticipation of what lies within its wall,
Where my Satisfaction is;
My Life, my Hope, my Love;
My God and my Saviour.

WHEN WE SEE HIM; written by

Kenneth Olusanya

K. O. poetry

Spirit-flesh Skirmish

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