“Lets suppose that a kite could come to life and develop its own personality. On one hand, it would feel the exhilaration that comes from the surges of wind that direct it through the sky. On the other hand, it would almost immediately take notice of something annoying. The tugging of the string at its center, a feeling of constraint, resistance, and soon the kite begins to think to itself ‘If only I could detach, then I could really fly.’

To the kite it seems the string is limiting its full experience of freedom. But as any boy or girl who has flown a kite knows, were that string to suddenly snap, the kite wouldn’t soar free for very long. It would dart to and fro for a minute, maybe two, but very soon thereafter it would end on the ground in a pile of broken sticks and torn paper never ever to fly again.

Rather, you see, it is the taught line between the kite and the one holding it that enables the kite to fly, that allows all the principles of aerodynamics to come into play so that the kite might achieve its full purpose. Christian love performs the very same function as a kite string. You take away the stabilizing force of Christian love and every towering gift, every supernatural power, every sacrificial act, every musical performance, you name it friends, it will all-ALL end up on the ash heap of eternal insignificance, without love.”

This is one of my best song of all time, titled “THE STRING THAT TIES US” by a group named “Beautiful Eulogy”.

This song, actually not a song but a poetic eehnn*** (don’t know what to call it)  was featured in an album titled “SATELLITE KITE”.

This album made me realize how much I appreciate poetry or spoken words more than rhythmic rap; just too deep. If we are of like passion,

You can download it free HERE go check it out, you might just love it.