85756519As I sat in my bed,

Gazing into the glimmering and starry sky

And succumbing to the pull of the night’s dead silence

Nostalgic feelings sought to scale the fence of my heart

I tried to wage war against it, but to no avail

Alas, tear streams made their way down my cheek

The back of my hand offered an obstruction to their flow

And a modicum of comfort I found within the thick sheets


Dawn seemed to arrive earlier than expected,

Yet my sleep deprivation posed no hindrance to my rising

My reluctance to head for the living room grew muscles

As I knew what, or rather who I dreaded

Was only a few feet away as I drew closer

There she sat… the flawless and quite immaculate Ms Law


Having been in a foster home for as long as memory serves me

My yearning for a real family never wavered,

Neither did my longing for the day I would get adopted

To top up my sorrows, my foster mom made things worse


Yes her perfection, unquestionable,

Her commands and decisions saturated with perspicacity

Her character, so nonpareil

Her principles carried annoyance in their sting


What possibly could be wrong about her being perfect? You might ask

The problem lies at the heart of my inability to measure up,

And my constant failed attempts to uphold her tenets

So the utmost despair stole into acute corners of my heart


No hope of ever adorning her face with a smile

For nothing I’ve ever done resonates with her contentment

No hope of ever escaping her arms grasp,

And fleeing into the embrace of real parents who loved me

But my hope was restored

And it saturated the atmosphere of that fateful day

The day that brought freedom with the ding of the door bell


There He stood in the doorway

My knight in shining suit

Wielding adoption papers, my passport out of there

Surely He came for me; Mr Spirit did.


I watched gleefully as Mr Spirit and Ms Law signed the papers

So giving one long last look at perfect Ms Law

I bid good riddance as I left with my salvation


I got into His car and caught sight of the driver

Who blatantly claimed He was the only way

“Only way to what?” I asked

“To Mr Father of course,” He replied

The name tag on His shirt read: “Mr Lamb, the only way”


We arrived at Heavenly Avenue

And walked up the front door

And on it, an inscription which read

“Welcome to Mr Father’s abode”


My anticipations of what lay at the other side

gained altitude and refused to alight

So in we went and I was startled by a loud shout

“Surprise! Welcome home”


Ecstatic joy crept in and dwelled in my heart

It seemed to have come from the sight of a huge family

Beaming with love and acceptance for a stranger

Consequently, I yelled out

“Finally! Finally! Finally! I’m home”


B.REFS: GAL3:24 (The Law, a guardian), Rom 8:15 (Spirit of adoption), JOHN 14:6 (Jesus, the Way to the Father)


Kenneth Olusanya

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