Thou almighty Breath of God

That generates new life

Come exhale on me

That I might be quickened once more


Thou oil poured out fully on the Anointed One

Anoint my lips and renew my heart

And let joy flow forth

From this heart of mine, now lubricated


Let my lips tell incessantly of your goodness

And my tongue be wrapped in exalting words

Let my voice construct bridges of melodies

Linking my distant heart to Yours


Thou River of Living water

Flow torrentially from within

Quench every thirst for you

And drown me in the depths of Your love


Thou Seal of my salvation

Be as a stamp on my Letter

As I bear the mark of Christ

A new specie that never once existed


Thou Rod and Staff

Keep me within the fence of Your pen

That the voice of the Good Shepherd

Woos me daily and becomes a hedge around me


Thou cloven Tongue of fire

Light up and rest on me

Ignite in me a passion for Your word and purity

And radiate as a light for the world to see


Burn fierily and thoroughly

My repulsive deeds and degenerate thoughts

And consume tenaciously all about me

That I like wild fire will spread the gospel of Christ


Thou Holy Spirit of the Most High God

Not a second-runner up

But the third person of the Godhead and divine Trinity

You are worthy of my worship


Comfort and advise me, correct and reprove me,

Direct and instruct, love and ignite me

Construct and establish, prepare and preserve

Till that glorious day of my saviour’s return


Kenneth Olusanya

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Spirit-flesh Skirmish

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