dear viewer newSociety is crying out, shriveling in her knees

Morality and her counterfeits issuing their decrees

“Release!” morality beckons

“All the people shackled by deception”


Unfortunately the laws of the districts

Are no longer worthy of being called “this strict!”

The neighbourhood growing unneighbourly by the minute

And our friendly neighbourhood Spiderman

Has only a handful of counterparts

As heroism wanes daily

Permitting villains to wreak their demeaning acts gaily

Who would take a stand for godliness?


A lot of the credit for this goes to the media,

Especially my childhood pal, TV

We grew up together in the same house

Two peas in a pod, two nostrils in a nose,

Hardly did I leave his side

His attractive colours and moving pictures had me on a leash

No doubt, I experienced an information overdose

Thanks to my best buddy and teacher – TV


Little did I know it was an attempt of betrayal

The things he showed me as I flipped through the pages of his mind

Were enough to enroll my imagination for an endless marathon


He boldly held me hostage

With his hostility confining my disposition

And my opposition yielding no change of position

My proposition procuring no chance for deliberation

And so my insubordination only piqued my conformation

What more could I do?


TV taught me his language and shaped my actions

Till the point my other friends would ask in shock

“when did you start doing that?”


But when I realized God’s word says that I cannot serve two masters,

My dilemma seemed to vanish

I had to make the choice to choose a God who first chose me

So that I would not choose a choice of serving the wrong choice

long enough before I realized that my wrong choice

would lead to a series of choices that would confiscate my rights

to making the right choices or more essentially, The Right choice (God)


Please don’t misunderstand my stance

TV sure had some good sides

But he was doing more harm than good

The lustful thoughts he inspired fought violently to claim kingship,

Not merely a GAME OF THRONES

But the resurgence of WORLD WAR Z

‘cause the zombies of my past that I thought were dead

Came back to life, much fiercer this time

And concurrently, a battle between fiction and reality


Apparently TV was gaining the upper hand

With his appealing, yet sly 50 SHADES OF GRAY he showed on every side,

But God showed me His 50 shades of grace,

Equipping me on every side to actually finish the race


See, I didn’t need AMERICAN IDOL to show me

that TV was becoming a god,

It was obvious!

TV was at the climax of my excitement,

The highlight of my day, the bulk of my time

The largest piece of my pie, my craving at dawn

While I gave God just a pixel of my life’s image


It’s no surprise that convicted criminals give him a lot of credit

TV, that is.

The rapists attest to his influence,

The drug dealers snort up crystals of his lies

The robbers and muggers have had their integrity stolen by him

He’s changed cute, innocent little girls

Who knew the importance of honesty

Into PRETTY LITTLE LIARS who justify white lies


I guess all I’m saying is that I don’t want to be deceived anymore

And be ensnared in a HOUSE OF LIES

But glory be to God for His words are true

And lies cannot inhabit His truth’s habitation


Lord I pray for more time, more grace

More strength and more love for Your glorious Word

I don’t need to buy Bull™ (Red Bull™) to read my Bible

I rely on Your strength!


O How I long to find solace in Your eternal Word

Even when I’m tempted to find it elsewhere

Lord I pray that Your Word would govern my every action and thought

So that when the AMAZING RACE is finished

All thanks to Your AMAZING GRACE,

I’ll be conformed to Your image

And look just like you; white as snow

SNOW WHITE? Nah, not quite


I want to flee the world’s pleasures,

And discover Your Word’s beautiful treasure

So that I with many of Yours

Would hand-in-hand stand for godliness.

Kenneth Olusanya

K. O. poetry

Thank you for reading 😉 . I’m really looking forward to seeing your comments.

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