It happened so fast, suddenly I felt like I had immediately before my very eyes lost it all.

A picture flashed my mind as it seemed I was the joke, the Humpty Dumpty that had a great fall.

At crossed roads, unsettled and confused I had played deaf to instructions, now who do I call?

An eagle born to sour that flies with vultures, if unrepentant will definitely crawl.

As in my case, I had built a shield of stubbornness but now desired an experience that would break such wall.

Where do I begin, what becomes of me? Will I be replaced with a David and rejected like King Saul.

My esteem, pride have been dropped, I’ve been reduced to nothing,how can I ever stand tall.

What would I be remembered for, what’s my legacy, what did I live for, Was I really  incentives to others and only cared about how to ball.

Indeed a reflection of the future, I’m faced with a mirror of choice, to refuse to sink deep in shallow thoughts and deeds that births excruciating toil.


James Ohiomoba.

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