A girl sleeping on the moon --- Image by © TongRo Images/Corbis

A girl sleeping on the moon — Image by © TongRo Images/Corbis

Possibilities drowned as my flooding skepticism lingers

Dreams waved away by Doubt’s long fingers

Wishes never transcending the blowing of candles on the cake

A great toll this continuous cycle seemed to take


The nights I would wish upon a star have ceased

My child-like hope has been polluted and diseased

Negativism sheltered by pessimism has become my homestay

So every shred of hope I tried to patch in any way


Hope where have you gone?

You strayed far away so I was undone

Faith, why do you flicker on and off?

At dire times when my heart was not tough


True love, they say, is the greatest magic of all

It saves its hosts from taking defeat in life’s brawl

More so, true love stands the test of time

So in my falsehood, all I could do was mime


My desperation gained strength

It stretched out its boundaries at every length

Because my feigning of true love was betraying

It felt a though the walls were imploding


Yet still in my ugly and void-of-hope state

There was no debate

My Fairy Godmother appeared

As my Prince Charming got me endeared


Nothing I did could have ever earned me such prestige,

It seemed unfathomable; free from sin’s siege,

The light at the end of the tunnel; an apparent bright figure

There He stood, my Hope and my Future


Much like Aurora, the beautiful sleeper

That before I could fall any deeper

Christ’s true love kiss awoke me

From the wells of darkness I now can’t see


Just like Alice in wonderland, I fell down the rabbit hole

Wondering in oblivion till Christ made me whole

Unlike Elsa, He took my frozen heart

And gave me a newly thawed one in full, not in part

At first, I resisted His reach as He began to tow

I fought long enough till I succumbed and let it go.


My union with Christ seemed ethereal, ask Belle

Only in this case, I’m the beast… you can tell

The Beauty looked into my hideous face,

Loved me and cleaned me up without a trace


Now I realize that the holes in His hands

Were intended to fill the hole in my heart

That the crown of thorns embedded in His bleeding head

Were to bestow me a crown of life

And exile me from the land of the dead


Yes, He relocated me from my former residence

No. 1, Impossibility Street, Neverland

Where melancholy filled the very air like fairy dust

Then a long lost boy like Peter pan

But now, I am found


I guess they weren’t wrong after all when they said:

“Wish upon a star and believe”

‘Cause I did wish upon the bright and morning star

And my dream came true.

Kenneth Olusanya

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