Talk is cheap

You say you love me

Make me see

Some say it is in the touch of a hand

Others the stroke of a chin

You say you care

Make me hear

Some say it’s in the spark

Borne out of the fusion of hearts

He said he loved me

He made me see

It’s more than the touch of a hand

Or the stroke of a chin

He decided to love me

Knowing that I might reject Him

Payment neither in cash nor kind

Rather in scarlet

He said he loved me

He made me hear

Of that price that he paid

A blood sacrifice; so dear

So if I my were to put my heart

On an auction stand

Give it to the highest bidder

I’d already know the winner

Yes he loves me

Unashamed was He

To pay the price

Over and above for me

Now I stand proud

I stand tall

Solely by that crimson price

Paid by the King of all


 My name is Akinsola Olamide Tolulope. In chronological order, I am a daughter, student, believer, and sister. People are my number 1 passion.  Other important facts: I am a selective foodie, a Jesus junkie, a doing-dreamer, a fine girl (*winks*) and of course proudly Yoruba.

Good food, good company, good fashion, great literature are all “bae” to me. Passions? Yes. They include People (as mentioned earlier), food , reading, SHOPPING!!!, and of course writing. I am currently studying economics at the University of Lagos.


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