Masai warrior looking through binoculars, Masai Mara National Park, KenyaThe days roll by like a film tape,

Flashes and glimpses of frames of moments

Moments that linger only for a while

And they, we cherish and sell our hearts to,

For a price somewhat free.


It’s the evidence of our heart’s need for companionship,

At the sight of the slightest form that seems right,

It’s no delight that our might puts up no fight

But fight I will, for the one who became my light


Not a light bulb illuminating a factory;

A factory where red liquid is pumped,

But light to a house with inhabitants of dark complexion

Yes, that’s my heart,

Home to darkness,

An organ producing ugly notes in discord

Displeasing to the One whose beautiful hands are playing it


I wonder, seemingly in an attempt to repudiate true facts and adopt fallacies

I ponder, on ways to confine my heart’s extroversion and rid it of its palaces.


“Lord strip me of my undesired tendency

And magnify my Theo-centric dependency

Suppress the arousals stirred up by friends

Or counselling or therapy, the basic trends


Who needs Dr. Phil, when I’ve got Dr. Paraclete?”

So I enroll, regarding my heart’s conspicuous need

What time will our sessions be scheduled for? I asked,

And He replied, ”Everyday, unlimited hours, free of charge”

“Wait you’re kidding, unlimited hours? Free of charge?” my unbelief asked

With disappointment He said-

“Your cluelessness seems to blind you,

Time’s bars do not cage me, but you…

Your whole life’s pressured by time’s push

Always living your life in its nick

Giving no room for me,

You look at the clock tick


I’ve watched you with your engagements daily,

How you go about them so gaily

You taking no second thought,

Would play toss and catch with equally frail men

Funny how the balls of your problems seem endless

And I in the corner yelling “pass to me”

But you unhesitatingly ignore me

Glad I am now,

Your compass needle is facing my direction

And you’ve put me on speed dial

And I on the other end, am anticipating your call


Remember, I am your inerrant companion,

Your teacher, therapist, no doubt your friend.

Don’t even think about putting me in the acquaintance- zone

Put aside affiliations, step up to intimacies.“


Feeling so naked and exposed now,

I cry out for mercy

“My heart’s yours oh Lord!

Let what flows out of it

Come from Your heavenly fountain of life


Privileged I am to be at the receiving end of Your wise counsel

I’ve had my fill of morsels or earthly wisdom

And I’ve lapped up insatiable crumbs

Now I long to eat from your table.”

Kenneth Olusanya

Thank you for reading ? . I’m really looking forward to seeing your comments.

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