lois tioluwaniOne of the first words we learn to say is ‘Mummy’

Not just because our instincts line up with the environment and our ‘significant others’

But because of the personality who we call ‘Mum’

Loving and caring as she is ‘mama’ nurtures and teaches us some of the first things we know about life and other people around us

‘Iya wa’ has known us in our most vulnerable state when we couldn’t talk, walk or do anything at all.

Yet ‘Mumcy’ understood our body languages, our cries without any interpreter telling her what to do or what we mean.

Truly our Mothers are our heroes!!!!

So whatever it is you call her: ‘Mummy’, ‘Mum’, ‘Mama’, ‘Iya wa’, ‘Maleh’, ‘Mumcy’ or ‘Mother’, one thing is sure there is no other creature on earth most beautifully endowed with virtue as our Mothers.


Tioluwani Lois

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