This portrait on the wall I see right in front of me

In the limelight, it’s revealing its true texture

As woven threads of colour in glorious tapestry

Taking a closer look, the imperfections magnify

But the light’s no longer shining, and the darkness spreads;

Hovering over every nook and cranny


Wait! Hold on! What is this I see?

That messed up portrait looks just like me

Oh what a scary sight to look so deformed and unrefined.

Thoughts began to creep in, and my heart do they bind



Now, my sin eating from the inside out, it burns!

Sin forming a rift between creator and creation

Need I continue in my sin that His grace may abound proportionally?

Yes? No? Maybe so? Of course not!


Remembering that God stands the same, unshaken in all things

Pulling together His own with harmonic strings

Not as a puppeteer, but as a shepherd tends the sheep,

Yes the sheep, chosen out of the good pleasure of His will, so deep.



Why should I continue to displease a God

Who was incarnated as my form, yet a perfect being,

Living life He loved me; Rejected, He was willing to accept,

Oh what unfathomable grace, so sweet, so sound.


And God, using broken men to establish His fixed plans

Making use of man’s frailty to exhibit the power that He holds

In the depths of His hands.

No one compares how great Thou art,

You who was, and is, and is to come,

No doubt how great Thou art.


Lord, I wanna one day look down at the seas, and in them

See my reflection looking just like yours,

So send the winds and storms to align me

And put me on your treadmill, so that I’ll shed off unwanted fats.


Uphold me with truth in Your word, when I’m tempted

To stray away from the way of Your ways

No longer blinking, twitching, looking side to side, or

Distracted by the sounds of mythological sirens


Turning to You always, in solitude,

Or with noise ever increasing with magnitude

Even with the crescendo of my attitude

Let me wholly Yours, consecrated, activated,

validated, and enumerated as Yours

And You being elevated… my cause


For years, I’ve watched this painting fade,

And transmogrify into unseemly true sights,

With fear and trembling, I meticulously

Keep it clean as could be

Wiping the edges and the frame that houses the portrait within


But the more I try, the more I fail, it seems

The intensity of my efforts are proportional

To my failure and disappointment

But reading His word and listening to Him now I see one word..

SURRENDER! Let go of it all..

No other solution to keep me from taking a fall



The time for the auction came, the painting still unready,

What can I do?

Who would buy this; with its wretched, imperfect design

Ignorant of impeding outcome I was to witness,

I scavenge for a sign.


Hiding my face in shame and being concealed by shadows in the corner,

I await the verdict and judgment to be made on the painting;

Waiting for the expected.

But wait, what’s that I hear?



Woah! How on earth? Such ephemeral ecstasy filled my heart.

It’s been purchased, by who?

I ask taken aback by the impossibility

I checked the price by which it was bought…


And even in my deepest oblivion at the obscurity

And all the happenings contradicting my preconceived philosophical system

All I did was believe, yes believe!

That my hope for true love, so sweet

was not a mere fairytale wish.


Here I stand in awe of His metamorphosing work in me

And it’s His Spirit working on the inside-out

Why do I deserve the Potter’s work of perfecting His Clay?

And molding it into fine pottery?

Oh what privilege to have the carpenter furnish, polish, refurbish

With His plan to establish a remarkable and unscathed furniture.



And though I ride on a rollercoaster, through life’s journeys

With its bends, twists, spirals with every turn

He remains the anchor of my soul,

No doubt, HE is my solid Rock,

Foundation and cornerstone


And when society’s gossip about me is my anomaly

I embrace my peculiarity, and strive to conform to His identity

And He, hanging, my painting on His precious wall,

Making all His scrupulous adjustments and finishing touches

My eyes herald the beauty in humble adoration

Of the Virtuoso’s perfecting perfections


Lord steady my aim

As I pick up the ball – my life

And throw it to Your hoop, please catch it

Let it not bounce off the rim or miss altogether

Into and through the hoop, let it in I pray


Great Commisssion

Strength’s coming in, and I regain my stance

It feels like the father’s teaching His child to walk to walk for the first time

Yes walk, walk to the extremes and four corners of the world,

Sharing vehemently with every meeting, ONE.

The ONE who purchased me with His blood,

And cleansed me from my sins;

More potent than any branded disinfectant known.



Enclose me in Your Grace chamber and gas me up to saturation

Not a déjà vu of the holocaust, but the motivation for the follow-cost

And beautify my feet, with adornments

that speak of your justice, mercy and love

And convict the many, yeah, the lost;

who need Your map to find their way home.


Finally Lord be the magnet and I the iron filings

And call me back to Your purpose which You intended for me

That the painting displayed on Your wall,

In light or in darkness,

Would glorify and please You with its infused beauty.

Kenneth Olusanya

K. O. poetry

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