heart_18-wallpaper-1600x900So her name’s Grace,

Yeah, a girl whose beauty would piggyback on time’s broad back

For thousands of years to come, she’ll remain the talk of all,

A precious jewel whose charm and wits know no end


For the rest of my days on earth,

Her song will be my anthem

And her smile; my life’s wallpaper

I will cherish her in sickness and in health,

For poorer and for richer

Till death draws us closer


So, I guess what I’m saying is…




Five giant letters, quite a mouthful

Hard for me to swallow without savouring

Her name’s a melodious tune;

Number 1 on my playlist

With my ear drums beating to the echo of her name



See, one thing I admire about her is her hair,

Her golden hair flowing like a river filled with hidden treasures,

And the strands of her hair delineating precise paths

Paths leading to where ‘X’ marks the spot;

I was bound to lose my faith along the way

But her golden locks were my security


What’s more?

Those gleaming eyes!

The lenses of which capture me within the frame

Of that big picture she’s had for me all along

See, those eyes tore through my soul’s thick darkness

With tears of acceptance seeping through its corners


Oh yes, her succulent lips

The doorway allowing the escape of such endearing words

Those fluttering lips that incessantly proclaim her unconditional love

So when her lips met mine with heart-racing confluence

The deal was sealed!

Truly, her words do not betray her


Daily I long for her bosom

Oh, the fortress of my solace

Where peace serves as its power supply

I flee from the world’s glamour and into her warm embrace

Sinking into the depths of her womb;

Pregnant with forgiveness


Oh, those feet!

Her soles standing firmly on the floor of my soul

They are kicking through the brick walls of my heart

Walls cemented with pride and interlaced with conflict

Her feet, leaping and dancing to the rhythm of salvation

Leading mine in a tango of two.


Her arms,

Long enough to stretch around the globe

They are the extensions of her love

The length of which is boundless

Yet they hug tightly around me

Like an ugly gift enclosed in beautifully coloured wraps


And those hands,

Which bear those wide palms of hers

That reached out to death’s cold hands

Right before mine grabbed a hold of it

She saved me from touring hell’s dark horrors,

My hero!


Amazing Grace,

How sweet her name sounds;

To the ears of a wretch like me.

I once was lost in this world,

But she found me

My hero! She’s always been the one


I dare say, this is no eulogy

This is the tale of our epic love

Embedded in the sands of time,

Till death drew us closer.


She lives on till this day,

Not just in my memory…

She surely lives on till this day

Not just in my heart…

Grace is alive!


Kenneth Olusanya

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