Father helping daughter (2-3) with first stepsCookoorookoo!!! The cock yells

And in my room that sound dwells

Rising up to the beauty of dawn,

I let out a mouth-splitting yawn.


All the chatting, rattling and noise in the street,

Uncanny sounds, more than the ears meet;

Blocking them all out I should

Ear plugs and my cold, bare palms would do no good.

Yet, still so patient!


The cares, burdens, sinking weights and relationships of all kind

Rock and threaten to capsize the ship of my mind,

For solace’s sake, all directions I look

Even burying my head in my hands which wield a Nook®

Yet, still so patient!


Finally, it’s stopped!

A pin would resonate with a “cling” in my mind if dropped

Striving now to listen to the voice I recognize

Even with the sneaky noises seeking rise

Yet, still so patient!


From the comforts of the succulent mattress I flee,

To the arms of one who always I long to see,

Losing my desires daily to His

Faith, hope and love; longing for these

Yet, still so patient!


His love whose depths run deeper than the Pacific

And I yearning to swim at the deep end, so terrific!

Find myself splashing away at the shallow

O yes, splashing the water when all it is, is bellow

Yet still so patient


Wading in the quick-sand of sin

And swaddled in dirty sheets, my soul grows thin

Sighting the sufferings, slaughters and killings

Lord, please take from me these sad feelings

O yes, still so patient


This hunger and thirst for you

And your commands and judgments will I hold true

Each day as my prayers rise with a fragrance

And succumb to heaven’s drums in glorious dance

O yes still so patient


Your word, the anchor which keep my feet and toes

From being swept away on the arms of lustful tornadoes

Your word have I hid in my heart

So that to sin I’ll say, “I won’t do that!”

Yet, still so patient


And in all trials and loss

I’ll look to the cross,

Even when friends and family desert me

I’ll stick to the one who died for me on the tree

O yes still so patient!


When Lord, just when are you coming for me?

That glorious day, the Son of man I’ll see

Descending in clouds of heaven

Oh what ecstasy, what joy to be in heaven,

Yet still so patient!


Now patience is running out,

Wanting to reach the lost all about

Trembling, knowing the imminent damnation they’re soon to face

But my legs unwilling, I need your grace!

Yet still so patient


Finally, o God, smash and break this stone heart,

Till the point I say to pride, “I want no part”

Bulldoze this suffocating wall of pride that brings trouble

And build up a broken me from the rubble

Here I am Lord, still so patient!

Kenneth Olusanya

Thank you for reading ? . I’m really looking forward to seeing your comments.

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