In case you have heard the song “YOU HAVE MY HEART” from this amazing young man that you might mistake for Mali Music. The song that grew to become a church anthem overnight, then you don’t have to worry because Olivz is at it again in his new single, titled “SackCloth”….produced by Olivz

Read below an interview with him;

How will you introduce yourself in a sentence?

I am Olivz, I Love God, music, and the truth.

What inspired you to write SackCloth?

Well, I saw a need for change, so many people living life like it all ends here. Lots of people know heaven is real, but they don’t yet realize that Christ might come anytime, well according to God’s plan of course. A lot of people wanna make it to Heaven, but don’t feel they should lay down the burdens that weighs them down, when they need to catch up with Heaven.

Why “SackCloth”?

Sackcloth is a symbol of remorse or repentance, which in a nutshell defines the message of the song. It’s more like you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do, to get to where you need to get to (i.e Heaven). So, take on your Sack-cloth; turn your burdens to Jesus, because he cares.

“SackCloth”….produced by Olivz, Get It, Enjoy and most importantly SHARE (spread the word) tweet

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