love-of-god-tree-heartDoes God love one person more than another or does He loves us all equally? Here is a chat I had with a friend this morning and I’m too positive it’s gonna be helpful. It will be worth every second spent on it.

Rotimi: Happy New month sir.

Pls i need ur help on this subject and i’m quite confused

Rotimi: Does God love one person more than the other?

Tee Abraham: Same to u bro

Rotimi: Thanks sir

Tee Abraham: In my understanding.

On a level God loves us all the same…the bible says while we were yet sinners God sent His son to die for us all
So he loved d whole world enuf, and I guess d same to give His son to all

Tee Abraham: Now going into specifics, I just think some pple have been able to work der way into d heart of God by responding more to his love than some oda persons.

A good illustration is our parents, as much as dey love us all d same, dey kinda have preference in btwn siblings bcos sm av bn able to distinct demselves in a way or d oda, maybe by doing things dey like, but dt dsnt mean dt if d oda siblings do d same, dey’ll move up to dt same level of love

Rotimi: My point exactly but what about the jacob and esau part about jacob i love esau i hate

Tee Abraham: Ok
Lemme first explain smthn

Rotimi: I’m here sir

Tee Abraham: We can’t explain God’s choices and decision based on our morality
God is not subject to human morality

Tee Abraham: U knw, questns like if “God is good why does He allow evil” is we human trying to subject God to our morality.

Dt is beyond our scope, God created good and evil

Tee Abraham: God is sovereign
We can’t questn his choices. Cos it’s beyond our scope, we can never understand it

Rotimi: Yes very true

Tee Abraham: So, who says loving Jacob and hating Esau is bad like we think?

Tee Abraham: Remember dt time God was setting up a new nation, his own pple, and he chose one man Abraham from the entire world, for no reason, dt’s grace. Abraham wasn’t holy b4 den, then isaac, then, He chose Jacob instead of Esau

Tee Abraham: He is God, He has d ryt to do it, He created them both. We don’t av d ryt to questn Him

Rotimi: Lol

Tee Abraham: Yeah

Rotimi: Yesssso we don’t

Tee Abraham: So does God love one person more than others? At least He has made equal grace available to us all and the bible says His love for each and evry one of us is “everlasting”, and nothing can separate us from His love, so does it matter?

Rotimi: I’d say no cos the greatest gift of all JESUS “the gift of salvation” has not been held from us.

Rotimi: Honestly it doesn’t matter all i know is i can’t comprehend God’s love for me

Tee Abraham: Exactly

Rotimi: Thank You very much sir

Tee Abraham: It’s my pleasure bro

Rotimi: You’ve been amazingly helpful yet again

Tee Abraham: Bless God

I might have not answered the question of God loving one man than another, but does it really matter? The love He has for you CAN NEVER BE EXHAUSTED if you draw from it every second.

Do you think God hates you? Maybe because He didn’t answer your prayer not to let your mum die from the terminal disease or because He gave your ungodly neighbour more blessings than He gave the faithful you?

What can be compared to the gift of eternal life in the new heaven and new earth where it’s pure joy, no death, sickness or corruption? Street of gold and eternally beholding the glory of God. A city whose builder and ruler is God, with death defeated and Satan locked up eternally in the bottomless pit.

All those inheritance that is imperishable, undefiled, and unfading, kept in heaven for you was gotten for you through the resurrection of Jesus.

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life”

* * *

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