David Nkennor

David Nkennor


Recall the story of the woman with the issue of blood? Yeah, I love sharing that story because it captures, in all its simplicity, the intents and the possibilities of our worship.

Introduced to us as ‘a certain woman’ who had a flow of blood for twelve years, this woman came, not just to see Jesus, but to TOUCH Him.

WORSHIP is one way by which we literally touch God. Abraham did it through obedience, Solomon did it through giving, David through adoration. All these men touched God somehow when they did the things they did, because worship is a ‘deliberate’ act, not a coincidence!

For this woman, she came to touch Jesus but unlike everyone else on that day, she was armed with FAITH in her heart. She had inner conversations that nobody knew of. Her touch was not ordinary.

And so, the Spirit of God said to me, “Your touch will mean nothing to you or to God except it is done in faith”. As I meditated on this, He took it further, “Your worship means nothing to you or to God if it isn’t done in faith.” SELAH.

Your worship means nothing to you or to God if it isn't done in faith. Click To Tweet

Of course- this includes your shouting, dancing, kneeling, singing, giving or whatever you do in Worship of HIM.

Faith is the key to effectiveness in worship. Faith is the missing link most people fail to take with them in worship. Whatever your intentions may be, when you worship and Praise God, let your heart be filled with faith – at least, that HE hears you. You will see results in Jesus name. Shalom!


David Nkennor is a seasoned Worship-Leader and Songwriter that combines an electric stage performance with a spirit-filled delivery of Worship.


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