Before I start this, I have to say that the purpose of recounting this story is to change our perspective. Make us see the silver lining in every dark cloud and not to mock anybody.

I first thought my eyes were playing a trick on me, but no, those are bales of 500 Naira notes. I can’t count how many, maybe 6 or even more. Hey! Before you say what’s that? The 1000 Naira note denomination wasn’t out yet as at that time.

So this man was rich. I also heard he was a professor.  In what? I don’t know exactly. I envied and even lusted for his currency as he handed them out to those kids, 3 of them, 2 cute boys and a girl. Whom I later learned are his grandchildren. He couldn’t talk to them though because of a tube that ran through his throat to his stomach. His only means of sustenance because that was the only medium through which he is being fed. The nurse comes twice daily and makes tea, only Ovaltine. Nothing else and uses this giant syringe to feed him. I mean inject it directly into his stomach through that plastic tube.

I would have probably envied him if I was short of bar, ego, money, or if I had no child talk-less of grandchildren, or if I never had the chance of education or a well-paying profession as this Professor, but as much as all those were the exalted goals I once lusted for, they won’t matter anymore, at the sight of the limitation, this health situation has placed over this successful man.

This is not a made up story, it is what I saw for myself in the radiotherapy ward of a University College Hospital Ibadan. The professor was down with a sort of cancer. The question of whether he survived or not, I can’t answer but what I can say is the reality it brought me to. “Whatever situation I find myself, I should thank God and never complain, but embrace life and every moment with joy and gratitude”. Just like the bible say that in all situation we should give thanks because it is the will of God. (1 Thess 5:18).

This is not a topic about settling for your situation and sitting down in your shit hole, not fighting back or aiming higher but seeing a reason to give thanks, a blessing you enjoy as against what you lack. Even if you are that Professor waiting for death, you have families around, you still have breath in you, I have seen many patients abandoned to their predicaments. If you will only look well, you have a tangible reason, something to make you smile and look up to heaven and make you utter a heartfelt “THANK YOU GOD”.

Anytime I am left with nothing but cassava flakes (garri) without condiments, I remember my experience in that hospital ward 8 years ago, I thank God because it’s going through my throat. To the issue of what took me, there is a talk for another day.

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Do have a great week and remain thankful even if the face of opposition and disheartening circumstances.

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Oludapo Tolulope