Birthdays come to some with a huge buzz, some people can hardly wait for their birthday that they begin counting down right from the very day of that month. Popular acts that validate this is the change of Twitter Handle, BBM Display Name, Birthday suggestive DPs…

What’s your own reaction to your birthday? A lot of us actually give the regular vibe like we don’t care or in the usual phrase “I am not big on birthdays“…while others throw a big bash every single year.

Deep within, we know how much this means to us, to be honest, putting the hard look aside, I remember crying silently on one of my birthdays because I didn’t get a lot of wishes or gifts like I imagined. It sounds funny now though but seriously it wasn’t cute then.

Moving on…

For me, birthdays are for reflection and analysis (I know I must be sounding old right now ? ), not in a sad way but with a positive intention to be better in the new year you just stepped into…

You know, just the way you do your new year resolutions, I think it should be same…before then and probably around that day (I am careful not to say on that day in case you are “big on birthday parties “ 😀 ), just take time out to have a review of your achievements and your goals. I like to dwell on the positives (my achievements) because they help me appreciate where I am currently but I also like to focus intensely on my goals because that is what is going to push me further.

There’s a difference between living in past glory of your “age ago” achievements and dwelling on them for motivation. tweet

It’s the time to set new targets if the previous ones are not coming through, change your strategy if possible especially for the ones that are “age defined“.

Also, show yourself some love, I know getting wishes from people feels good probably because I like to tag it to the impact I have had on them… If they are large, Praise God! I pray it was a positive impact and if the numbers are small, Praise God! I know it hurts but appreciate the real people in your life…

By “show yourself some love”, I mean have fun!! Get yourself a gift…

Pray into your new birth year. Personally, I pray for a physical gift that I can’t afford and a spiritual gift from God. I have tried it and it totally worked and this experience has helped my faith in God grow, it didn’t come immediately but it came anyway because God’s time is the “bestest”.

Go ahead and try it and I pray that you get your own heart desire as a testimony…

Happy birthday to you on your respective birthdays… And happy birthday to me because yesterday was my birthday and It’s still my birthday week :)…I am grateful to God and I am expectant: D!!


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