yawningGod is just brilliant; He is a Genius and a master craftsman. How did He come up with the idea of creation? Everything is just spectacular, far more than beautiful? Picture everything He created and you will see what I am saying.

I see you picture flowers, the mountain scenery, the oceans, the animals…. If you are a fan of discovery channel, National Geographic Channel and NatGeo Wild, you will be able to  appreciate this better. I am personally charmed by the ocean floor, JUST AMAZING!

But before you get caught up in your imaginations, I am actually not talking of all that in your head . Have you ever thought that God created some very simple unnoticed but very significant things? Today I will be talking about one.


yawning-is-contagious041I’m still amazed at the charm God placed in the yawn as insignificant as it may be. Though it may go unnoticed its ripple effect cannot be denied. It is one of the most contagious things in existence. It is worse and far more powerful and definitely faster than tuberculosis. Is it not funny how you can yawn by just talking about it?

In an episode of a Korean series, I saw (yes, I watch Korean series 😉 ) “Playful kiss”. A girl wanted to know if her dream guy was spying/checking her out during lectures, so her friend asked her to yawn intentionally, telling her that if the guy is looking at her secretly he will yawn too, it sounded like a great idea. Luckily for her when she yawned, he yawned too but not only did he, but all the other students in class yawned too one after the other, why you might ask? The lecturer was just boring, they were all feeling sleepy. 🙂

God is just brilliant, if He could be careful and emotional with such a small detail how much more, you His perfect workmanship. So the next time you yawn remember that God who was smart and careful enough to create something as little as “a yawn” is very conscious of the smallest detail in and around your life.

Thank you,