tumblr_m9dmb0eoD61rcfk78o1_500Have you ever imagined a world where everyone is living to the fullness of their potentials, every of our gifts and talents are in display, fully utilized? This state can be likened to a state of 100% efficiency which is practically unachievable in engineering. But imagine this state does exist. How will this world be? Beautiful, peaceful, stressful and advanced. Excellent inventors would make all activities easy. Fashion and entertainment would be at its peak and best, no one will be idle, jobless or sad. But this looks like I’m just day-dreaming. It looks like a scene in a science fiction movie that is still way way in the future.

On the contrary, I believe this can be our tomorrow’s reality if everyone would “Just try” – try out their potentials, put their gifts and talents to work.

We all have a way of talking ourselves from trying. You say, “What if I don’t do well?”, “What if I flop/fail?”, “Maybe I’m not just good enough” or “Maybe it’s just not my time”. However, “What if you succeed?”, “What if it’s time?”, …

just try

You will never know if that song will be nominated for a Grammy if it was never sung. You will never know if that book will sell more than a million copies if it was never penned, and of-course  you will never know if you will get a YES when you never popped the big question 😉 . The idea never acted upon will forever be less important than the old idea of throwing stones at fruits to pluck them, as archaic as it is.

ACT TODAY! TRY SOMETHING!! JUST TRY!!! Attempt failure and you’ll be a celebrity in no time. Let today mark the birth of the idea, invention, and creation that will revolutionize our generation.

Thank you for reading, I’m happy to know I’m not in this alone, are you with me? Don’t forget to like, share and comment,it starts here. Your share maybe what someone needs to get them on their heels.

Yours, @tee_Abraham 😉