Liebster-Blog-AwardI reluctantly attended a parley organized by my school in commemoration of the Nation’s Democracy day on Tuesday, not knowing that a good news was waiting for me there. While greeting a friend, she walked up to me and said “I nominated you for the Liebster Award”. That’s Sandra Amarachi’s voice. I was super excited, felt like screaming but I couldn’t so I won’t be mistaken for a mad person because I was in the University’s chapel. 🙂

I hurried to her website > < and discovered that the nomination was dated 25th April WOW! Thank you so much I really appreciate you for counting me worthy for this award, i didn’t expect it to come from you but it did, thank you. A big THANK YOU to God for the continuous inspiration and wisdom he has given me in bring the blog to its present status.

A Liebster is an award given to up and coming bloggers with under 200 WordPress followers, The Liebster Award originated in Germany.  Liebster is German word meaning: sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute and endearing.


1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to the giver

2. List 11 random facts about yourself

3. Answer the questions they have asked you

4. Nominate 11/7/5 other bloggers with fewer than 200 followers

5. Ask the nominees 11/7/5 questions

6. Last and definitely least, let them know you have nominated them.

11 Random Facts About Myself :

  1. God holds the number one position in my life and will forever do.
  2. Music is my life, it holds a tremendous power to either inspire me or calm me when upset. What will life be without music 🙁
  3. The only thing I don’t get bored or tired of doing is writing but I’m not sure I can say the same for reading. I read more as a necessity than passion.
  4. I love meeting new people; every new friend/acquaintance for me is like new trophies so don’t be surprised if just walk up to you randomly.
  5. I don’t get tired of giving compliments. It’s just my culture.
  6. I revere my mentor so much (Pst Iren Emmanuel) that I can hardly look directly into his eyes, I also have this kind of fear when I’m around him, it’s weird, right?
  7. I’m a very happy creature that I don’t like being around people who are always sad.
  8. I have a very high tendency of liking/falling for people(girls) that smile a lot.
  9. I get very playful when I’m in my zone.
  10. I hate hypocrisy and lousiness.
  11. I love my mum.

Sandra’s Questions:

  1. Who is one person you’d like to meet and why? – I would have said my future wife, but that will make me look desperate which I’m not, so I’ll go for Bishop T. D. Jakes, He has been my number one role model for a long time, his superb communication skill, the grace upon his ministry and most especially I covet the wisdom and wittiness behind his books and movies.
  2. What was your fantasy *dream job* as a child? –  Electrical and Electronics Engineering which coincidentally happens to be the course I’m studying presently, lucky me right? 😉
  3. If you were to start life all over would you still study the same course you are reading? – Maybe and maybe not. Due to exposure to life in a broader view and my passion for people and writing, my choice may differ.
  4. Your most Embarrassing moment? When and what happened? – When I was in SS 1, I was nominated to represent my class in a debate competition during the school’s weekly club and society/extracurricular activities. You can guess the rest of the story, I flopped gallantly in-front of the entire school. 🙁
  5. Let’s dream a little
. Describe your ideal other half and how you will pop the question. – A decent, cultured, gentle but playful definitely not lousy young girl. I prefer short, not fat but well endowed (the height is negotiable but the others, I don’t think so). She must appreciate a form of art, be it music, writing, drawing, poetry… anyone. And of course, above all, she must love God sincerely. Hmm…about popping the question, I would have loved an outdoor surprise but I’ll just study to know what she’ll like and sweep her off her feet 🙂

And my nominations for the Liebster award, for their refreshing contents, in no particular order are:

Making these choices was pretty hard but I believe these all deserve it due to their passion and the hard work they invest in their blogs.


My Questions for y’all :

1. What word(S) describes you best?

2. What is that one thing you wish everybody knows about you.

3. What is your greatest fear (if any)?

4. What is your greatest achievement so far?

5. Your most Embarrassing moment? when and what happened?

6.Who or What inspires you?

7. If you are to choose between a well paid job and volunteering in a conflict or disaster zone, which will you choose and why?

8. If you could start all over in life, would you change anything, If yes what?

9. If you were given a chance to shoplift just one item, what will it be? 😉

10. Who is one person you’d like to meet and why?

11. If you get the chance to address the whole world what message will you say (what message)?

Wow. Guys, my final exams start on Monday, please pray for me, and as for blogging, It might be on hold until next week ;). I really appreciate you all, it’s because of you that I keep coming here.