Old man looking siting in the streets of the medina of ChefchaouenHave you seen an old people’s movie of late? My God! You get so scared of growing old. The frustrations, the regrets, the rejects, the race to achieve all they couldn’t in their youthful days. The wealth of wisdom acquired by experience but sadly too late to be utilized and on and on.

I want to get old but old and happy, old and restful, pampering my grandchildren while hosting great men as guests, imparting them with wisdom, giving back after a wealth of purposeful living. I definitely don’t want to be roaming the street trying to make ends meet; begging for favor, or still wishing I did some things, did not do some things and probably was more serious with other things.

I guess the only way to secure that peaceful tomorrow is to live today. Do all I can, leave nothing left for tomorrow. If I waste today, I’ll definitely have to make it up with my tomorrow which will affect the day after and so on. That is not the life I want. Before I waste today wishing for the life I don’t have, building a fake identity(thanks to twitter and other social networks) trying to impress all those that don’t really care about me but themselves because everyone knows that I am their friend so to speak.

I want to live a today that I will be proud of tomorrow. Please join me  tweet

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