thankyouWhile ordering for food at the cafeteria a few days back, I caught myself saying thank you while handing in my ticket, after placing my order and after collecting my meal. I kind of looked around me to see the expression on the faces of the people around. Just as I expected it portrayed a hungry Esau ready to pay his dignity for a plate of pottage, do I really care what they think. Of course not.

A simple thank you is the smallest courtesy or gratitude you can give to someone for performing their duty, for instance, you say “thank you” after a cobbler is done shining your shoe or your gateman for opening and closing the gate when needed. You might say “but he/she is paid to the job”, very correct but I will answer you with this question, what does it cost you? NOTHING.

Learn to say thank you. To me, it is more valuable than the money I’m paid to carry out the assignment. It gives me the sense of been appreciated or valued. Beyond that it helps the fellow carry out his/her assignment wholeheartedly like it get me a sumptuous meal every time at the cafeteria ;). You might want to try the same. tweet

What do you think you can do in return to someone who opened the door for you to go through? or fetched you a rag to dust your dirty chair, or offered you a drink? Just walk away like nothing happened? No a simple but sincere “THANK YOU” believe me it doesn’t hurt.

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