I walk into my room and all I see is my mom: the bedspread, the pillows, the curtains. Some she bought, others made.

I take a walk to the kitchen, stops over at the sitting room, my mom again… she sowed the curtains herself, chose the cushions, the throw pillows, and then the wall: magnificent.

I get to the kitchen, and I just feel her scent…hmmm, from the choice of mugs and the glass cups and then the wares, especially when the okporoko, smoked fish, cray fish, goat meat Egusi soup with Pounded yam is on it….you just feel heavenly!

The days I looked so beautiful, good and not so good is entirely mom. Oh no! Not what you are thinking, I looked not so good at those times because I didn’t listen to her.

She has the most beautiful smile in the world. It’s always from her heart. And ….OMG guys, I just heard “Ayaaabaaaa”. That means I am in Soup. The rest I shall tell you by next mother’s day.

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Obadote Esther

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