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Let me be frank with you. In a world where perception is greater than reality, most of the time, a well-dressed/groomed man is often treated better than one who is lackadaisical with his looks.

I am so passionate about helping you develop a good personal presentation because it gives a massive boost to your internal confidence plus creates an halo effect around you which gives rise to opportunities that will never come if you are poorly dressed.

When you dress well, you look like you have your act together. Imagine you’re in a foreign city and totally lost. Who would you rather get directions from: a sharp dressed man or a sloppy guy in ill-fitting clothes?

No wonder mum always told me when I was young, to always look for the guy in a uniform if I ever got lost, to ask for directions. Why? Because she perceived I could trust them.

You see, when you dress well, you exude confidence. People, even strangers, pick up on this. In return, they give you respect, and trust goes hand in hand with respect

Beautiful things happen when you choose to dress well and in no particular order are listed some of the benefits.
  1. Random people ask for style advice. (I specifically get this a lot)
  2. Women and Men check you out.
  3.  People dislike you for being too clean.
  4. You realise you smile more and also receive a lot of smiles back.
  5. You expect more of yourself. Other people expect more from you. – Tanner Guzy
  6. You become an expert people watcher and notice style details (good or bad) in every one you see.
  7. People expect you to be well spoken.
  8. You give half you clothes away, because they don’t just fit.
  9. Everyone assumes you are the boss.
  10. Your girlfriend, fiancee or wife becomes proud of you in a new way.

It is a whole new world out there when you take you grooming seriously. Dress sharper, fitter and smarter then you can rule your domain.

Sincerely good things dont come easy but isn’t this rather worth a try?

Eminence is attainable, I look forward to helping you.

Yours truly,

Gabriel Adewale Balogun

Image Consultant | Fashion Designer | Personal Shopper.


WatsApp: 08146421953

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