How would you feel knowing that the God you think hates you is calling you His friend?
How would you feel knowing that the God you say do not exist brought you into existence, makes you exist and knows your name?
Hahaha! Listen, someone laid down his life for you. That is what friends do.
Remember when your friend asked you for a favour and you replied saying ‘What are friends for?’
Remember that guy/girl you liked very much but they just wanted to be friends and nothing more?
How you felt when they were interested in someone else that did not care as much as you did/do?
The feeling of hate and jealousy? Did you not see? That you were hurting because the attention was not on you but someone else.
We love to be our friend’s number one priority and that’s how Jesus thinks about you. You are His priority because you are Him. Hard to believe but it’s true!
Jesus said “I have called you friends and not servants because servants do not know what their masters are doing but friends do”



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