A video resurfaced on social media recently, courtesy of daddy @alibabagcfr of a man that gave a lady a “shut down” slap. It was obvious from the video that she taunted and hit the man first even though her beatings were very harmless due to her stature in comparison to the guy.

The comment box went on fire with people condemning what the man did, but it was quite a surprise that a lot of persons took the man’s side because of one major thing, “she hit him first”.

Is The Victim Ever To Blame?

Every human has a right and a control over their actions or inactions regardless of what might want to control or influence them.

That a lady wore a seductive dress will never be an acceptable excuse or reason to rape her.

That a student stole something from your bag will never be enough or acceptable reason to render her hospitalized by your brutality.

That your husband forgets important dates will never be an acceptable reason to not celebrate his birthday.

A question to ask is, “what is this really, a response to what was done to the individual, or a revelation of their innate/hidden nature?

We are a summation of complex and different characters, principles, abilities…which reflects themselves when we are placed under different influence and circumstance.

Just the way you might never know how fast you could run till you were chased by a wild dog, the same way our innermost characters exposed when placed in such situations.

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The man that beats his wife is a wife beater regardless that the wife is wicked and probably deserves it.

The man that raped a loosely dressed lady is a rapist regardless of the probability that the lady might be seductive.

Let us be slow in pointing what a victim might have done to deserve what was done him/her but instead address the wrong that was done to such victims.

Was the lady wrong to have hit the man, yes, was the man’s action justifiable because she hit him first? Definitely not.

We have control over our actions regardless of what might want to control or influence them. Click To Tweet