As somebody would say ‘growing up is optional but growing old is mandatory’. This suggests that whether we like it or not, every second that ticks makes us older. However, it is not compulsory that we get wiser, smarter or matured as our age increases even though it should be directly proportional. This is why some advance in age but decline in wisdom.

Just recently an old friend of mine who stays far away from me called me. After exchanging pleasantries, the next thing l heard was ‘how many babes do you have now’. l was amazed and was mute for some seconds before responding.

I was baffled that he did not have any reasonably question to ask me other than a frivolous one. He could not ask me who l am trying to settle down with, how much l have made so far, what plans l have for the new year, if l have bought a car or house. He did not even ask how l am coping with ‘change‘.

It was disheartening that he repeated the same question we used to ask ourselves when we were in secondary school; when men were boys. Then, l think it was somewhat considered as an achievement. This shows how some advance in age and decline in wisdom.  According to one of the greatest boxers of our time, if you are 50 years old and you are still acting like a 30 years old person, perhaps you have wasted 20 years of your life.

His assertion indicates that we cannot afford to remain static; the way we think, talk or do things have to change for better. Few years ago, l met somebody in my alma mata that knew me pretty well. After sharing my thought with him, being astounded, he asked what has happened to me over the years that l have totally changed especially in the manner l talked. I just giggled. Oh were you expecting me to talk or think in the same manner l used to, l thought.

Getting matured or getting better encompasses all aspects of our lives; spiritual, social, academically and otherwise. Take spiritually for instance, if you are used to praying for just five minutes last year, by now you ought to have improved to 10 minutes or more. If you are used to reading a book for three months, it ought to have improved to using two months or one to read a book.

That is to say, we should always be on the move in fulfilling our destiny by becoming better rather than static. As somebody said, if you refused to move, others will stampede you. Man is wired to progress and not retrogress. The good news is that we can be better in all spheres of our lives. One of the ways is by enriching ourselves with handy materials and being conscious of our actions, inactions as well as ill-actions.

Remember, you are either becoming better or worse as the clock ticks and for me it is onward forever. Happy New Year.

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