This post is a result of really disturbing thoughts that started three Sundays back and have haunted me since then. Found myself in a new environment (due to my NYSC posting), and my first Sunday there at the LGA, I was faced with making a choice on which church to attend. I began by questioning the whole idea behind “church”, especially in this new church era.

I innocently voiced my thought to a friend standing nearby at that moment and before I was done with even stating my plight, she outrightly condemned my line of action stating how so many persons that entertained similar thought have backslid. But not to worry, I am still in my right senses and the purpose of the post is not to make you quit doing church, but maybe correct some misplaced notions ;).

Churches today are not too different from secular organizations or business enterprises, where the primary purpose of its existence has been marred either by personal ambitions of self-called under-shepherds or competition between what is supposed to be the different parts of the same body; which is Christ, or in the name of “church growth” strategy or misrepresentation of the true image of church by the now trending ‘corporate branding’.

Everything today is branding. While battling with my thoughts, another friend who was oblivious of the battle that was raging in my soul, said to me, “Tolu, will you come to my church? So so so church (that is the name of her church) is the happening place in this town, and have you heard that our auditorium is fully air-conditioned? That invitation and the incentive to take up her offer just affirmed the very confusion on my mind. What should be my reason for wanting to go to church or to a particular church?

As if that was not enough, that very evening I got a call from my mum instructing me that I must be attending a particular church denomination in my new location, an instruction that I couldn’t stop but laugh at.

Why do we go to church? Why do you go to church? Is it just to satisfy a family tradition like my mom’s instruction or to follow the newest trend, like wanting to go to the freshest church joint in town?

I don’t blame countless youths that have given up doing church for whatever their reason is. Definitely, Going to church does not make you a Christian, but if you are truly saved, you will go to church.

God’s plan for the church was a group of believers in Jesus, coming together in the sharing and fellowship for their spiritual and all round upkeep, a perfect picture of this was displayed in the early church in the book of Acts 2:42.

That we have so many fake churches is a proof that there are real ones, so giving up on the whole church is a flimsy excuse of laziness inspired by the folly of the devil, or actually allowing him to rob you of God’s plan for your earthly edification and refreshing.

The Church is the body of Christ, why will you want to be separated from it; do you remember Jesus’ analogy of the Vine and the branches in John 15?

Let this post help reprogram your heart to the whole church thing for the purpose for which it was made and seek the real thing, regardless of the package with which it comes.

Thank you for reading. I’m really looking forward to seeing your view on this issue as a comment.

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