cheating on my boyfriend

For Valentine Special’s Love Talk, there is this issue I’ve been getting too often in the last 3 weeks, from people from different part of the world, UK, Nigeria, Canada and beyond and I’m sure you have one close enough to you. It affects both the dude and the babe regardless of their level of commitment; relationship, courtship or marriage. And it goes thus;

I love my boyfriend (girlfriend, wife or husband), I really do. He is what I want, all I want. He is not perfect though, and doesn’t have all I would have loved, but we are happy together and I know he loves me truly. But I also have this other guy I admire so much, I kind of like him and he really likes me too. I know that I am supposed to be committed to my boyfriend, but I cannot seem to help it because he is always there, and I see the tendency of being able to get some things I would have loved to get from my relationship but I have not gotten yet. For whatever reason, such as a little distance between me and my boo”.

I am yet to sleep with him yet though we’ve had a thing or two, of which I felt guilty of, I know I shouldn’t be doing this, I love my boyfriend. Please what do I do? Most people tell me to enjoy it while it last, since it’s just a fling. Am I cheating on my boyfriend? HELP!!! I really need your sincere opinion.

Please, I really want to hear from you on this issue, what do you think, when do you say a person is cheating on their partner? Or I should just “enjoying it while it last”? I don’t want to hurt God either or miss His best for my life.

It’s a discussion, let me hear your opinion on this.

* * *

Thank you for reading. I’m really looking forward to seeing a comment from you.