Tall, dark and sleek
Beneath your lips hides a coach of lambs
your words mild and weak
Penetrates deeply the dumbest ear
It’s no strain to you 
Strumming your hands deeply across your hair
…Knots and knots of your smiles
Cages the most unsavaged beast
Inviting is your sharp piercing eyes
It twitches; as if to match the time,

Your Nigerianness is no secret
as you merge your Yoruba with a tinge of Ibibio
“bawoni” you say in the most awakening accent
Everything rough falls off your plate.
As your smooth sinusoidal walk stirs the air;

The lilies would fail
In a fashion contest with you
Your Royal clad attire
Depicts purple.

Shyly descriptive is your conversation
In your sit like a casual observer
Light and joy finds you way.
You really want to know;
When you decide to know.

I hear echoes of your voice
…reading the minutes;
The perfect secretary
Up-to-date with her records.


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