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QUESTION 4: Is it right to go through your partner’s phone before and during Marriage?

Answer:  No. it is not wrong.

The reason people begin to have a problem with this going through and not going through in the first place is because they have hidden agendas. Any partner that takes it personal when his/her significant other (marriage partner, that is) checks his/her phone needs help. Period!

But then, you begin to practice and act the way you want your marriage would become from courtship stage- with sex out of the picture, of course. 

For instance, if you want to pray together in Marriage, start practicing it in Courtship. If you don’t want to be liars in your Marriage, start practicing it in Courtship. If you want to be transparent in Marriage, start practicing it in Courtship.

Trust doesn’t descend like a dove after the wedding ceremony. You ought to have been practicing it.

Picking up my partner’s phone to check isn’t news and shouldn’t be. However, if the person is always picking up the phone or the reason for picking up the phone is due to unresolved suspicion or fear or distrust, then both partners need to talk about it or see a relationship/marriage counselor. 

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