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Even if I don’t know anything about the male species, I know this is something most of them dread. The Friend zone. I didn’t know whether to be happy about it or to get angry when it happened to me. I got friend-zoned. And I’m female. We do the friend-zoning, don’t we? Well, I got friend-zoned. Me. A girl. By a guy,  strange.


There’s this guy I met and over the past few months, we’ve grown fond of each other. Since I was just recovering from a bad break-up, I didn’t want to push things further than they were. But then one day, something happened and he said ‘That doesn’t change the way I feel about you’. Well, inquisitive me decided to poke further. I think it was at this point that feelings started to grow.

And then one day, we were talking and I got this speech: ‘I really like you and I’ve really grown fond of you but I think it’s best we remain the way we are. I don’t want to ask you out only for the relationship to fail blah blah‘. You get the gist. I didn’t know whether to laugh or to be upset. And then it got me thinking.

Everyone who goes into a relationship doesn’t have the faintest idea whether the relationship will work or not. They take a leap of faith and try to work things out. So is that a good excuse? But then again, I tried looking on the bright side. I didn’t waste my time ‘chasing shadows’. He isn’t ready for a relationship and he told me that out-rightly. God knows a heartbreak is the last thing I need right now. I don’t even need it. So maybe being friend-zoned was a good thing. I think.

Here’s just a lesson to be learnt. If you want to go into a relationship with someone, you need to be ready, mentally especially. Not just because you think you feel something for the person. And being friend-zoned may not be a bad thing after all. Don’t be so short-sighted that you miss the greater blessing.

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