How do you define cheating? At what point do you say your partner is cheating on you? Is it until they start sleeping with the other fellow or does it start way before they end up in bed with them?


Success Bayo:
Cheating is basically compromising the values you and your partner both share. It starts from having a third party who is emotionally attached to you. It connotes having a substitute or plan “B” for your relationship. =)

(in reply) : But you know that you can’t stop people from liking you. So are you saying the moment you start liking someone else, you’ve started cheating?

Success Bayo: Great one sir, what I meant is that we should be conscious of getting too emotionally attached to someone else. Liking is one thing and it is different from emotional attachment. As much as possible we should always draw a line. Very simple make your partner your best friend, and be opened to him or her.

I believe there is a thin line between becoming “emotionally attached” to someone else and “cheating”. The truth is once a guy begins to spend time with another lady and vice versa, cheating will come into play. Cheating is giving someone else what is meant for your partner- time, intimacy. Etc. Its a really thin line. We all should be careful…

Cheating starts once a partner (either the male or female) starts to see another fellow out side the relationship. Sleeping with each other is a further step once cheating starts.
In real sense, it could be in a relationship or marriage. Partners should stay faithful. It doesn’t matter if both parties have not been joined together in marriage, if a party truly loves the person he or she is dating, he or she should stay faithful and not double date and if it’s marriage, a person should not have extra marital affairs.

Damilare Stephen:
Cheating starts when youu are getting emotionally attached to someone who is not ur bf or gf while u are in a relationship…..cheating proper will start when there are issues in ur relationship and u have to confide in that boy or girl u are emotionally attached too…..(BESTIE)….this happens to girls most often….it is rare with guys

Cheating in a relationship is simply when one(either d guy or the babe)begin to admire or prefer someone to you..It starts with an admiration(see her nice curves,shape;see his cute eyes,his builds etc) begin to see what you can’t see in ur Bf or Gf in them..gradually,you begin to compare that person wit ur Bf or Gf and before you know it,cheating starts in the mind..and on the long run,youu’re already cheating.

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