#WCW Jamie Grace: Holding On...

All the signs of life They’re all around me with every heartbeat I feel so alive, I am joy and sadness, Peace and madness If only I can fight just a little longer I know It’s gonna make me stronger I just keep holding on to what I believe Oh, I believe in you Give me the strength to fight And the heart to believe When it’s hard to believe in you Oh and these are the…
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Who should Love who more in a Relationship? The Man or the Woman?

I have heard a lot of arguments on who should love more in a relationship; the man or the woman. Most people would say the man, as per, he…

The Christian and Same-Sex Attraction

With the rise of different sexual orientations, the LGBTQI community, gender and identity confusion, no one should need an exegesis on how…

What if I Like A Muslim? Or a Muslim likes me?

A female friend called me and asked, “What if I like a Muslim guy?” My immediate response without thinking at all was…



How Exactly Do We Live This Christian Life?

I remember how this question plagued me as a teenager, I mean I just got born again, here I was being more serious with my faith, I never…

Common Emotionally Unintelligent Things Believers Say

A lot of believers are emotionally unintelligent. Emotional maturity is very important in dealing with people so we don’t always come…

Preaching to a Co-offender

One of the most seemingly difficult things to do is to preach to someone who knew you in your past, a co-offender, someone you’ve both…



Common Emotionally Unintelligent Things Believers Say

A lot of believers are emotionally unintelligent. Emotional maturity is very important in dealing with people so we don’t always come…

Work on your Second Place Smile

“I am not pulling out of this competition! I suggest you work on your second place smile cos I’m taking this Grand Prize…

Did I Sexually Harass Her? What are the Boundaries?

Generally, ladies find unnecessary touch offensive. And it is even more offensive when we believe that the man knew what he was doing.This…



9 Wisdom Nuggets for Everyday Productivity

I don’t know about you, but trying to figure out the entirety of my life is like reading the book of Leviticus. Lots of things are…

How to Engage Varying Interests aka Multipotentiality

Multipotentialite. Polymath. These are the words used to describe a person who has interests and excels in more than one field of…

Dear Strong People

Dear Strong People, We appreciate you for how you pick us up when we fall. Your staunch shoulders on which we cry on has been a constant in…

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The Voice of God

Voice of God by Dante Bowe Feat. Steffany Gretzinger and Chandler Moore is Poetry. When I listen to it, I’m taken to a magical land. To a…
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Olorun Agbaye - You Are Mighty

There’s just something special about worshipping God in a native language. There are some words that when described or said in English to…
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Promises - Maverick City

There has been this gloomy feeling hovering in my heart for about three days now; nothing sinister happened but I can feel the gloom.


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Trust Me I've Tried To Forgive

One of the hardest things to do is let go of someone who has hurt you. At some point in our lives, we’ve all had to handle pain…
Trust Me I've TriedVideos

Trust Me I've Tried To Declutter

Whether it is the pictures on our phones, the dresses you never wear or friends not adding value to you, We don’t realize how keeping…
Trust Me I've Tried

Trust Me I've Tried - The Introduction

Life can be a struggle, and sometimes with everything going on around you, you just want to vent and let off some steam but sometimes you…

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Should I Quit My Job To Pursue My Passion?

Question: My career differs from the line of my passion (and life’s assignment). I have lost motivation for my career and would like to focus on my assignment. How do I go about this? I got this question and I believe you’ll learn from my answer/take on it. Here’s my response: I stopped working February 2016, after I was falsely accused of something at my office and was being punished for…
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