10 Best Apps to Improve Productivity in 2022

Most people have a lot of plans to achieve more in different areas of their lives. Fortunately, technology has done a great deal to help improve efficiency and heightened productivity. In this article, I will be talking about 10 Best Apps to Improve Productivity in 2022.

Productivity apps can be classified into three categories;

  • apps that help you organise;
  • apps that help you improve habits,
  • and habits that help you focus.

This article will look at 10 best apps to improve productivity in each category in 2022.

Organisation Apps

These apps help with planning and organisation. Most of these apps include to-do list features. They have but aren’t limited to:

  • Todoist (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Chrome, Safari, Firefox) 

This is an app that helps you organise your tasks and also allows you to collaborate. The free feature allows you to sync your account across multiple devices; work offline, and allow collaboration. The premium features include reminders, labels, filters and the ability to comment on tasks and upload files. The premium version costs $4/monthly and $36/annum and discounts students, educators and non-profit organisations.    

  • Evernote (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Website)

This is a note-taking app that allows you to create notes and sync them across different devices, create to-do lists, scan whiteboards and organise meeting notes. The app also provides collaboration features and also saving content from the internet. The application has three packages; free, premium ($7.99/month or $69.99/annum) and Business ($14.99 per person, minimum of two people). Students are also entitled to a 50% discount from the premium package)

  • Trello (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Web)

Trello is a kanban board app that helps teams keep up with tasks in a fun way. The app aids collaboration and can easily be used on mobile and desktop. The app is free, and the premium costs $12.99 per person.

  • Pocket (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Web)

This bookmarking app allows you to bookmark the content you see on the internet to read, listen to, or watch when you are less busy. This app is free to use and has extensions for all major browsers.

Habit Improvement Apps

These apps are handy for recurring tasks that you would like to see improvement. These apps include

  • Habitshare (iOS, Android)

Habitshare blends social media and habit tracking. It allows you to share your progress with family and friends, encouraging accountability and increasing your chances of being consistent with a particular habit. The app features include reminders, flexible work schedules, and social elements and sync multiple devices.

  • Habitica (Android, iOS)

Habitica is an app that encourages you to build habits and be productive by treating your life as a game by offering you in-app rewards and also a robust social network to keep you motivated. The app’s key features are gamification, habit tracker, task manager and fighting monsters with your friends to gain rewards. 

  • Streaks– Habit Tracker (iOS)

This app helps you develop better habits, schedule activities, give habit scores and reports at different intervals, and send reminders when inconsistent with a particular routine. The app implements the psychological effects of streaks to encourage users to continue with a specific task. If you don’t believe in the impact of streaks, tell me why you still open and close your YouVersion App daily. The app costs $4.99 and is available to iOS users.

  • Loop– Habit Tracker (Android)

This is a habit tracker similar to streaks, but it’s only available to Android, and it’s free. Features include a habit score, reminders, a flexible work schedule, and works offline.

Focus Apps

  • Freedom (iOS, Windows, Android, Chrome)

It’s an app that blocks distractions. It can block websites, apps, the internet while getting work done and allows you to have exceptions of sites you can use while working. Although the app is not free, you have seven blocking sessions to test the app, and the premium features cost $6.99/month and $2.42/month if you are paying yearly. 

  • Forest (Android, iOS, Chrome)

This app helps you manage your time by treating your time as a tree. When you open the app to block distractions, you plant a tree, and if you switch to another app, your tree, before the 25-minute mark, your tree will die. Over time, you’ll grow an entire forest of trees, a reminder of the time you intentionally spent getting things done. If you use the paid version of the app, your focus time will help fund growing real trees via a partnership with Trees for the Future. The app also offers a chrome extension that allows selecting distracting websites and syncing across multiple devices. The app is free on android, cost $1.99 on iPhone. There’s a one-time payment of $1.99 for premium android users.

These are some apps that can help you improve productivity in 2022. I just downloaded the forest app. Which app will you be downloading? What apps do you currently use to be more effective? Let us know in the comments.

Written by Durojaiye Oluwatamilore

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