10 Blessings Of Having Siblings

Without trying to make you feel bad if you are a single child, I must say that having siblings is one of the best things that could ever happen to anyone. There is a saying that “your parents raised you, your friends, your spouse lives with you and your siblings shape you”.

There are two sets of people that you are stuck with forever no matter what you may think or do about it, your parents and your siblings.

Your siblings have been ironically the curse of your pain, yet your protector. Our brothers and sisters have been the only one our team at different times, they have been our co-conspirators, they have been your reason for getting into trouble, they have been the one who got you out of trouble. They have shown you how to live and relate either the opposite sex, they have gotten you in trouble with your parents as much as they have gotten you out of trouble too.

Here are 10 blessings you enjoy because you have siblings!

  1. Free Gist Partner.

With siblings, you really cannot go out of something to discuss, from the way daddy acted this morning to the favorite soap opera you both watched. Times when you are bored, your sibling is always there to get you into the mood, even if it is to bump into them deliberately so to rile them into talking.

  1. Jamming and Gamming partner.

Why play a game without having a partner to play it with. Having siblings help you have ready gaming partners if you are the gaming one. Even if your sister does not like the game, you can convince her to play with you and relish the opportunity to win someone (LOL).

I know a family where the whole family are into music one way or the other. The guys play the drum and guitar, the ladies are awesome with their vocals. Singing is awesome when you have siblings that can really sing.

  1. Free trouble and protector.

If you ever have a desire to get into trouble, your sibling can always work that for you. If you are lucky to have an elder brother or sister who has got your back, you enjoy the free service of a bodyguard who loves you, with no pay!

  1. You can be real!

With siblings, there is no fronting. They have seen you have your bum lashed by daddy, they have seen you use your tongue to clean off a stray mucus, they have seen you at your good and really bad moments, so what’s there to form about.

Being with siblings is way cooler than being with friends you are always trying to impress.

  1. Wardrobe sharing

If you are lucky to have a brother or sister that is the same size as you, it implies that you have the opportunity to have double of everything you won. You can use their wardrobe. The flip side though is the day they will wear you own which you have planned to wear out.

  1. Family gatherings

When you have the extended family around, it is less awkward moving around the place as new faces show up when you are with your siblings. They are the run to when you are feeling lost among the throng of people.

  1. Distance doesn’t matter

With siblings, distance doesn’t cut off the relationship. Even when you are a stray away one who never calls home, your siblings will always be there to welcome you home. My sisters have saved me from the wrath of mama

  1. They can help you not make a full of yourself in public sense of humor

Your siblings can be your soundboard. When I watch the funny cuts from auditions for musical competitions, I usually wonder if these contestants that made a fool of themselves have siblings. Your siblings, not wanting you to disgrace them will let you know if your jokes are dry or not. They will let you know if what they hear is good or not.

  1. They teach you sharing and patience

Growing up with siblings means you have to share. Grandma brings something, you have to share. Uncle gives cash, you have to share. There is always sharing going on when siblings are involved.

Siblings also teach you to wait your turn especially when you share some basic home departments.

  1. You have free babysitters

With younger siblings, you have free babysitters. They have inbuilt ‘babysitting DNA’. If you the elder can take care of the younger, the younger can take care of the elder’s children.

Please kindly add your own reason to this via a comment below. Thanks

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