10 Proven Ways To Keep Your Family Happy Despite Tight Schedule

It is possible to keep your family happy and united no matter how busy you might be, many people have lost their once happy families just because of their busy schedule. Don’t ever let your work, business, talent, whatever destroy your home, it has destroyed many homes before their very eyes. However it is quite possible to keep your family happy, united and stable, it all depends on how you handle the situation.

John, his wife Anita and their two kids lived happily and peacefully without any problems when John got a job in a multi-national company, he now had to travel to other states for work. Things changed and his family was never the same, his wife could not take care of the family all alone, John, on the other hand, was too focused on his work, he ignored his responsibilities as the head of the family, there was money to take of all their needs but the peace and harmony that once engulfed the family was gone. John’s relationship with his wife changed, no longer the caring husband she married, all his attention was now on his job to the detriment of his family, the family was scattered, his sixteen-year-old son went wayward while his daughter went out of control.

The situation of John and Anita is such that is common with many families, just like John many men have lost their once happy and peaceful home because of their job, position and even passion, there are professionals that hardly have time for their family, they rarely spend time with their family, this trend has had a negative influence on many families.

Are you passing through the same situation?

Have you lost a once happy and harmonious family?

Have you lost the love between you and your spouse and even kids?

There is good news for you, you can restore back your family, I would be sharing with you things you can do to keep your family in harmony despite your busy schedule, and all you got to do is read on.

First you have to know this, as a married man or woman your family is no. 1, so many men take their job as no.1 and that’s where the problem begins, according to them they would never be able to take care of their family without their job, but I keep telling whoever cares to listen that your family is no.1, your job can only take care of your family’s financial need, you may meet their financial needs but that does not guarantee a happy home, your family needs your presence, love, and care, it’s not all about the money but how you spend the money with them.

I would outline ten proven facts that will help you keep your family happy no matter how busy or tight your schedule might be, even if you residing in another state.

N/B it is not even advisable to live in a different geographical location from your family.


First and foremost you must sit down your wife and children and talk to them, explain to them your kind of work, explain to them why you have to stay away from them, tell them how much you love them but that you cannot help, let them know that you are away so that the family can enjoy, let them see reasons with you. Communication matters in any relationship.       


Spending more time with them does not mean you should neglect your job or business just to spend more time with them. Many people seem to focus on other things when they have the opportunity to spend time with their family, things that aren’t worth the time, people spend more time on things like newspaper, social media, hang out with friends, cooking (women are most guilty of this, They may even cook a whole day), as a result of this they end up spending lesser time with their family. Don’t spend time with your friends more than you spend with your family, men are fun of doing this, they want to dodge the pressure at home, but they forget that no matter how they dodge it, it will still wait for them, when you ignore your family you may be igniting a fire you may never be able to put off.


Every moment you spend with your family should always be filled with laughter, of course, you don’t need to be told that only a happy person laughs, make them happy and they will always laugh.

There is a story of a man who was a terror to his children, his children feared him to the extent that they could not stay with their father up to ten minutes talk less of eating with their father, in fact they had never eaten with their father, if he wanted to punish them when they derailed he treated them like slaves during the slave trade era or hardened criminals in the modern day world. He scolded and shouted on anybody that tried to tell him that he was too harsh on his children. “Leave me alone, I am training my child, go to sleep if you don’t have anything to do” he once shouted at a neighbor that showed concern when he maltreated one of his child as usual. The neighbor felt ashamed and left without saying a word.

His intention was to train his children well, but he used the wrong approach, he was too strict and laughter was not part of that family, in short laughter was a rear commodity, he ended up with a broken and shattered family, I hope you would not want this for your family? Learn to make your family happy, after all their happiness is your happiness.


Learn to shower your family with gifts especially when you travel, little gifts can make all the difference, this should not happen only when you travel, it could be on your way back from work. Make them feel loved and cared for. Even when you are not around this will make them remember you and the anticipation for another gift will make them eager to see you. Gift is a show of love and care, by giving them gifts you are showing them how much you care.


How often do you go out with your family?

Make out time to hang out with your family, take them out to places they have not visited, you can allow them to make the choice of where they would love to visit. Such outings are experiences never forgotten in a moment. Ask any happy and harmonious family and they would tell you that they go out together often.


Have a daily devotion whereby all members of the family will pray together, this really unites families and help them to share their problems together so that they can pray about it together, moreover, prayer is the key, a praying family is always a peaceful and victorious family. Aside from the family devotion, you should personally pray for your family, let them be one of the subjects of your prayers, why?

If they are ok then you are ok, if they are damn then you are damn.


Call your family as often, it does not matter if you just left them that morning, you can just call to say hi, you may not know but it gives them joy to hear your voice. In this age of technology you can leverage on the social media, you can always chat with your wife and children, don’t be too official.


Love your family, let them enjoy and feel your presence, live with them in such a way that they miss your presence anytime you are aware.

 What is love?

Love is caring and caring is love, nobody cares for whom he does not love, you only care for those you love, love is endurance, love is patient, love is peaceful, love understands. Love is the panacea for a scattered or unhappy home.

Also you must celebrate your family, celebrate them whenever they do something significant, celebrate them on their birthdays, matriculation, graduation etc.


If you are living in a distance you can just employ this, you can keep someone around that will help you to monitor your children, hey! I don’t mean following them around, checking out their privacy, i don’t mean that kind of monitoring. Such a person can be one that advises and help them out when they have problems. Even when you are not around you need to know what your children do, don’t always fail to ask your spouse about their behaviors and characters when you are not around, there are children that are angels when their parents are around but when they turn their eye they turn to devils.


“Spare the rod and spoil the child” says the Holy Scripture, punish your children when that is what they deserve, don’t over pamper your children and even wife. Many women are fond of this; they allow their children to develop into stubborn teenagers because they could not punish them when they were younger. If you cannot rebuke your child when he is a kid you will never be able to rebuke him when he grows into an adult.


Many scattered and problem-ridden homes are results of indiscipline, the parents over pampered their kids and in the long run the kids become uncontrollable.

If you want your home to be a happy one learn to punish your children when they go astray, but also remember to call them back, let them know why you punished them, they will never repeat anything that caused them to be punished.

I really believe that after going through this you are convinced beyond reasonable doubt that it is possible to keep a happy and harmonious home no matter how busy you may be or even if you are not staying with your family. Your family is so important, in fact, after God, your family should be next, make them happy if you want to be happy, make them peaceful if you want to be peaceful, Make them lovely if you want to look lovely. I wish you the best with your fam.   


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