Do you remember the 31st of December 2016? Christians worldwide trooped into churches to mark the end of 2016 and crossing over to a new year. How exciting. Families left their usual churches to attend services at places they believe potent enough to usher them into the new year. Prophecies came forth, visions, revelations and instructions were given to Christendom to work with for a better 2017.

The new year has been tagged with various themes by so many Christians: “My year of fruitfulness”, “My year of victory”, “My year of greatness”, “My year of breakthrough” and so many other themes. These captivating themes ring through the ears and are stored safely in the minds of Christians, but sadly, only a few of them get to testify by the end of the year. Why?

There is no gainsaying that there is always an influx of people into churches on the 31st of each year more than any other day in the year. Both the young and old, male and female believe this day is a year to pray to God for financial breakthrough alone. They are myopic and fail to recognise that the same prayer points they wrote last year are still the same this year. The only difference is the change in the pen and paper. Most Christians are lazy and fail to work hard.

Let’s take for instance, “My year of fruitfulness”. How can you be fruitful if you do not plant good seeds? Farmers toil daily under the scorching sun, planting their seeds because there is an expected season of harvest. No farmer prepares his bags to gather fruits if he did not plant. This is a deliberate and calculated effort aimed at a goal.

Christians often mistake Gods promises to be automatic, but that’s not so, Gods promises are authentic but not automatic. Deuteronomy 28: 12, Deuteronomy 30: 9 and 2 Thessalonians 3:10-12 talks about God blessing the labour of our hands. Imagine if you have been idle, what will God bless? An empty hand? In the parable of the talents, you would recall that the master collected from he who hid his and gave to he that multiplied it. God is always in the business of blessing his people for the expectation of the hard working righteous shall not be cut short; do not expect anything if you haven’t worked.

Another point to consider is the kind of seeds planted. Do you expect to harvest cocoa when you planted orange? The quality of the harvest is dependent on the quality of seed planted. This goes further to say that the quality of time you spend on your work would determine your result. Let’s not deceive ourselves, we all know God frowns on laziness.

A very important thing to note is to do the right thing. Yes, this year might not be fruitful if you do not sow on the right soil. Off course you sowed. You planted and you expect a harvest, but this is impossible, for an unfertile soil yields nothing. Be sensitive as a Christian to know the direction in which God is calling you to work, if not, our story would not be far from “monkey dey work, baboon dey chop”.

“My year of victory and breakthrough”. Victory as I know it involves engaging in a battle and conquering. For you to conquer, there needs to be a war. Christians this year should battle to conquer the flesh, Gal. 5;16. You can’t remain the same flesh oriented person and expect to fully harness the blessings God has in store for his spiritual minded believers. The flesh doesn’t understand the things of the spirit and vice versa.

While it’s an ongoing trend to place 2017 theme stickers on our doors, cars, bibles and notebooks let’s not forget the work that is required. My advice to Christians this year is to practice the word of God that instructs us to work. Make it a priority to effect a change starting with your orientation. God is not a magician.

One thing I know God cannot do for us is that which he has given us the power to do. If you have been seated in the comfort of your house, expecting God to plant and harvest your fruits, fight the battles you ought to fight yourself, I’m happy to announce to you that you haven’t crossed over yet. While you are still grooving in this deceit, some others have taken the bull by the horn and are on the verge of rewriting their story.

Happy new month.

Chidinma Rhoda Kalu

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