2014 Shout-outs

Shout-out megaphone2014 started on a great note, having met a friend in NYSC camp (Pelumi Ogunbiyi) that showed me new possibilities for lifegiva2.com; what more that can be done, more people that can be reached and more ways to change lives in ways that I least thought about. We both set out to study few successful blogs. This brought about a need for serious upgrades to the blog, costing a huge sum of money. To my surprise, another friend of mine who asked to be anonymous took up the responsibility of these upgrades. All the new possibilities which accounted for the success recorded this year laid on this foundation.
The total annual viewer-ship of the blog rose from 20,000 last year to a whopping 89,000 this year (which is the second year of the blog), this success I owe to a whole lot of people which I’m dedicating this year’s success, a thousand lives reached, touched, changed and inspired.
But one thing above all that inspired this year’s success was you; every single person that logged on to the blog at a time or the other, knowing that someone is reading was my greatest inspiration, and Yes! The comments, they were like the fuel to my ride. Thank you.
This post is my little way of saying “Thank You“.
In no particular order to,

  • The two persons I mentioned in the introduction of this post, lifegiva2.com owes this year’s success to you. I feel indebted to you both. Thank you. I’m deeply grateful.
  • Amazing editors that volunteered to make sure the articles posted conform more to literary standard, thank you. To Oyinkansola Ige, you amazed me by that letter, I’ve still not recovered from the shock on opening that your mail that faithful day the journey started. And Helen, you took it upon yourselves to read articles just to help make contributions on how I can write in a more “blog-friendly language”. And also Makanjuola Olayinka, for every single time I asked for your impromptu attention to help edit articles which you did every time, thank you.
  • Wonderful blog ambassadors, you guys are just the best. You might not know it, but you are the reason I didn’t give up at those moments I was discouraged. Ichado Solomon, Cecilia Ugah, Jonathan Ojapa, Okenwa Igbokwe, Sophia Ukpere, Sir Ibrahim Danjuma, Segun Adelekan, Adegbola Malvins, Adegbola Paul…
  • My blog critique, your amazing insight to every article still amazes me. You make me see loose edges, articles that are not lifegiva2.com worthy. Thank you, Iyiola Samuel.
  • And Temitope Solaja who surprised me by sharing the blog link on her BBM PM every single time.
  • My blogger friends estaordia.wordpress.com http://isaacolanewnaija.com greatlengthsss.blogspot.com victorypath.wordpress.com eminentbeams2.wordpress.com damstylee.wordpress.com ngozikaa.wordpress.com tmedatruth.wordpress.com @oddymacfoy, @oge_writes, @thefashionengineer …thank you, guys.
  • A special brother and friend Adekunle Osilaja, you inspire me. For those poster designs and listening ears, I am grateful.
  • Those that gave me the permission to use their content and those that contributed (book, articles, songs, videos…) Makanjuola Olayinka, Iren Laju, Pastor Emmanuel Iren, Amango Victor, Okenwa Igbokwe, Oyinkansola Ige, Ogunde Timi, Kumuyi Tolulope…Thank you.
  • Unsettled Adnan, so beautiful how you’ve created value and impact from the hurtful past, your strength inspires me.
  • My special friends that keep me on my toes concerning the blog, always asking about it while contributing a thing or the other, Owoyele Babajide, Ogundipe Ibukun, Busayo, Ajayi Bayo, SING Ifeoma, Mbanisi Kene, Oshone Oshiogwemoh, Showpeju Lola, Anu Karunwi, Akinwumi Bello, Pastor Abegunde Sina, Tumininu Lawanson, Eboji Tito, Dosunmu Oyin, Olasupo Ife, Oludapo Jumoke, Ajayi Dolapo, Oghenetega Gideon, Ikena Ozee…thank you.
  • All those who permitted me to post our private chat on the blog, Bunmi Adenigba, Anu Karunwi, Rotimi. Thank you
  • A father that constantly sends emails encouraging me, thank you, sir, Engr S Oladeji.
  • All the facebook groups that permitted me to share my blog post on your pages Covenant University Alumni association, Legacy, Hesey Design group, Astoldbytope, The Unknown Nigeria, The Success Congress, Success Within Int, Shalon Truth, Grow360…thank you.
  • To everyone that shared the blog links on every social platform…I only wish you could see the testimonies from the lives of people you helped me reach. Thank you

I’m sure there are a lot more persons I’m indebted to whose name isn’t in this post, I don’t mean to belittle what you have done. Thank you.
2015 can only be better. We are not dropping the standard and we are desperate to see more people reached. But I can’t do this on my own, I’ll need you guys more now than I’ve ever done. I hope we can do this again.
Nevertheless, this isn’t the last post on the review of 2014, more will come in the first few weeks of 2015 with popular posts of 2014, few awards and more appreciation.
Thank you all.


Oludapo Tolulope. A

* * *

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Email: lifegiva2@yahoo.com

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