2020 Tokyo Olympics: Repping Jesus on the Track and Field

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics, an international sporting event of Greek origin held every four years, came to a colorful conclusion on August 8, 2021. In case you are wondering why the 2020 edition of this huge sporting event is holding in 2021, let us just say pandemic (in Elsa Majimbo’s voice).

Furthermore, the Olympics gathers athletes from around the world, who participate in a variety of sporting competitions, including those you have no idea existed (like what exactly is cycle ball?).

Today, our “sport” light will be beamed on athletes who took advantage of the Olympics platform to speak about their faith in Jesus. In fact, it is always a beautiful sight to watch these influential athletes unashamedly declare their faith in Christ.

So, without further ado, below are some athletes that repped Jesus at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics:

1. Sydney McLaughlin

Sydney McLaughlin is an American sprinter, who is very passionate about her faith in Jesus. She won the gold medals in the 4X400 Women’s relay and the Women’s 400 meters hurdle. Sydney remains vocal about her faith while on the track and off the track. You can look her up @sydneymclaughlin16.

2. Ese Brume

Ese Brume, a Nigerian long jumper, won Nigeria one of her two medals in the just concluded Olympics competition. She won the bronze medal in the long jump category and stated that she was going to wear the medal on her Pastor (Bishop David Oyedepo) once she gets back home.

The statement from the athlete sparked mixed reactions on social media, but also showed Ese to be a believer in Christ and his church. You can catch up with her @esebrume.

3. Kyle Snyder

Kyle Snyder is an American wrestler, he won the silver medal in the Men’s freestyle 97kg category. He is a believer in Jesus and is also vocal about his faith. You can check out his posts on his Instagram page @snyderman45 .

4. Allyson Felix

Allyson Felix currently holds the title of the most decorated US track and field athlete. She won medals in both the women’s 4X400 relay and the Women’s 400m categories of the just concluded Tokyo Olympics.

Allyson, who is a believer and the daughter of a seminary professor does not hesitate to speak about how her Christian upbringing played a vital role in the woman she has now become. You can catch up with her @allysonfelix.

I hope reading about these athletes inspires you to be more vocal about your faith in Jesus and use whatever influence you have to His glory.

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