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Below are 25 random lessons I’ve learnt from different individuals in my life.

1. Your level of impact is limited to you sphere of influence. So, if you want to increase your impact, expand your sphere of influence. (Reason I became sort of an extrovert) – Late Oludapo Opeoluwa
2. Only one thing is worth spending your life, time, money…everyhting on, and that is GOD. He is the only thing that counts after you are gone. (My brother, Opeoluwa died at 19 years and 6 months, yet his burial was attended by hundreds) – Late Oludapo Opeoluwa
3. Patience always wins. You can never be wrong  by being a little bit more patient – My Dad
4. Honesty is the best and most distinguishing virtue. It might not reward swiftly & hugely, but in the end, it will pay off – My Dad
5. Take all the risk you can now that you are young and have little responsibilities. There is just so much you can’t afford to do when you have wife and kids to feed. – My Dad
6. Your pains and disadvantages are not enough to prevent you from living a beautiful and impactful life – Jonathan Deep
7. It is very possible to love, help and be there for EVERYBODY and at NO COST TO THEM. You have enough space and time for everybody in your heart – Jonathan Deep
8. The people you do the same thing with are not you competition. If you can collaborate, you can achieve greatness. So, love and appreciate each other, beep each other, blow each others trumpet – Jonathan Deep
9. Your past doesn’t have to result in a messed up life; you still have the say over the person you become – Olayinka Makanjuola
10. There is a tremendous amount of beauty in simplicity – Olayinka Makanjuola
11. The people who make the most impact are not those whose names are on the billboards & TV screens, but the voices behind them (Thank you Pelumi, you’ve been such a voice to mean) – Pelumi Ogunbiyi
12. The Ministry of help & support is a noble one, preserved for just a few with exceptional character & presentation – Oyinkansola Ige
13. You can pass everyone off and be a nuisance, and still be their best friend. You just have to learn to make it up early – Adekunle Osilaja
14. Skills and Expertise will always employ degree every time. Be the best at what you do – Adekunle Osilaja
15. When the passion for your father’s business burns and you launch out in faith, God will bless work of your hand & take care of you – Pst Emmanuel Iren
16. Don’t worry about what people are doing, or wearing, or having…Play the “you game” like you are the only one on the planet. This is the best & most freeing life – Ifeyinwa Amagwula
17. The friend that can break through (or ignore) you status and still break through to you, help you, talk to you, are the best to hold closest – Bolatito Laniyan
18. God’s got you – Ofure Peace
19. Every form of sacrifice for your children is worth it. Don’t eat your own life & deprive them of theirs – My Mum
20. A big and embracing heart is a gift for just a few – Mrs Etuk Iren
21. It’s very okay to be clueless and naive as far as it doesn’t stop you from taking steps and actions – Okenwa Igbokwe
22. Love is practical – Tolulope Kumuyi
23. Smile is contagious, smile can be taught – Tolulope Kumuyi
24. As otherwise taught in school, Family is not just people related by blood, but people related by purpose and passion. – @Lifegivadotcom team
25. ______ kindly fill in the gap. (I’m still waiting to fill this space with what I’ll learn from you, yes you reading, or you can share as a comment ??)

#25Years#lifelessons Happybirthday to me ???

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