Olayinka_522268One of the things that accompanies the end of every year and the start of another is reminiscing about the year going out, what you did, didn’t do, and wished you did. These mostly inform and influences the resolutions we make for the new year.

If there is to be one, two or three things you must do every day for you to have a better life, what would that (those things) be? Pray more? Act more? Talk less? Love more? Loveless?

What if we make it more specific, as specific as possible; what would they be? Listen to your partner more? Be more serious about your relationships, with your parents, partner, or God?

With this post, I intend to suggest three (3) things I think if you consciously do every day will not only make for a better 365 days but for a better life; after all, life is but a fragment of many seconds(time).

These are things you should do every waking moment of every day.

1. Give thanks.

Life is a gift, we seem to always forget that till we hear a tragic news of the demise of a friend, an acquaintance, someone probably younger or better than we are, someone that probably had a better shot at life and simply didn’t deserve to die, but life is a gift, we don’t deserve it, both the good and the bad. Every breath we breathe is a gift.

The greatest king that ever lived, David was wise enough to say “I slept and awoke because the Lord sustained me“.

I believe gratitude should be the rent we pay for being alive.

Don’t just think it, say it, voice it out. “Thank you Lord that I’m alive, I’m grateful“.

2. Examine yourself

The medical industry has over and over affirmed that the best way to treating/handling every and any ailment, even to the terminal ones is an early diagnosis, thus the advice for a regular/periodic check-up. If you discover a defect early enough maybe it can be managed or even eliminated. It also goes with the saying “Prevention is better than cure”.

This was an advice, an instruction from a mentor, a father to his children, “Test yourselves to make sure you are solid in the faith. Don’t drift along taking everything for granted. Give yourselves regular checkups. You need firsthand evidence, not mere hearsay, that Jesus Christ is in you. Test it out. If you fail the test, do something about it.” ‎2 Cor 13:5

If the coming of Christ is like how the bible says it will be, suddenly, unexpected, like a thief in the night, do remember that nothing is worth going to hellfire for. Then, it is just a must, without questioning to check your spiritual status every day.

You can’t take the position/situation of your soul for granted. There is need to be sure that Jesus is still in you, that you are still in the faith, and if you fail the test, do something about it. You can take a cue from the prodigal son. When he realized that he was far from home, lost, he ran home not looking back.

3. Remind yourself of God’s promises.

It is almost impossible to live in this world without a form of motivation or the other. Most people have learnt to get this motivation from their wealth or relationships. But in a world where everything is failing, economy and even the most cherished relationship doesn’t seem guaranteed due to human frailty, you have to anchor your motivation on something or ‘someone sure’.

Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.” Matt 24:35
God’s word is eternal, it can’t fail, so it can be trusted. Every promise in it is dependable, and God will watch over His word till they are fulfilled.

Despite the situation around you, you can hold on to God’s promises in the Bible, remind yourself of them.

Don’t leave your house a day without reminding yourself of God’s promise, how His love has no end.

These might seem like simple points, something you know and probably doing already, try and put a little more consciousness into it, and I bet you’ll see how different your day goes, and after doing this for the next 365 days plus, you will be recording a remarkable year.

* * *

Thank you for reading, I’ll be waiting to see your comment, and will so much love to hear from you via any of the links and addresses below.

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