The tech age has simplified the relationship between people and their bibles. A few years ago, you had to figure out a way to lug that giant book wherever you went or get a pocket bible at the expense of a loss of certain features.

Now, with a mobile phone, you can have basically any version or translation you want with a choice of functions such as bible dictionaries, devotionals, commentaries etc. Some of these apps are bible apps with study features while the rest are standalone bible study apps.

These apps tend to help Christians in their quest for the word of God by making the word portable and easy to access. Since mobile phones can be taken almost everywhere, then the word of God can be carried, moved and easily accessed without the added weight of carrying printed bibles, devotionals or commentaries.

The six best of such apps are listed below in no particular order.


The Bible Gateway app is an app made by biblegateway.com. This is a multi-featured app that offers over 90 translations of the bible, other features include an option to listen to the bible in different languages and styles, an easy to use bible search, taking personal notes while reading, developing a daily reading plan, daily bible verse in a language of your choosing, a bible dictionary, highlighting and favoriting bible verses and an integrated sharing tool. The app is free with the option of some in-app purchases and unfortunately only available for Android.

Click to download from Google Play Bible Gateway Here


Olive Tree bible software by HarperCollins Christian Publishing are a range of offline and online bible apps with a cross platform reach. The apps are available on PC, Mac, iOS and android are feature filled. Take notes, save, bookmark and tag verses and sync across all devices and be wowed by a resource guide that crosslinks scripture with study resources, commentaries, maps and more for an in-depth bible study.

If you are on a reading plan, the app will track your progress and even provides you with a split screen view enabling you to load and compare different translations. With a library consisting of free and paid title, translations, devotionals, commentaries, concordances etc. the olive tree app aims to keep you fully immersed while studying the word of God.

Download here www.olivetree.com for all platforms.


The Bible app by the Life Church (developed by YouVersion) is one of the most popular bible apps on mobile and this is with good reason. The app lets you customize the interface with highlights, bookmarks, notes, access the word online or offline, connect, read and study with friends and an online community, share discoveries and create art by adding verses to your photos.

And that’s not all, with translations in over 40 languages, over 1,400 bible versions displaying in over 1,000 languages audio bibles, verses of the day, reading plans, cloud sync the app is loaded with features that will be useful to every Christian when trying studying the word.

Download from Google Playstore here Bible by Life Church Here

Download from iTunes here Bible by Life Church Here


The Faithlife Study Bible is filled with rich commentary on every bible passage which helps to illuminate scripture with robust study notes based on the original languages of the bible.

The Faithlife Study Bible is designed to work with multiple english translations, meaning that commentary on a NIV passage will be just as relevant for the same passage in KJV version of the bible. Features include the Lexharm Bible Dictionary, the Lexharm Bible, over 400 pictures, videos and infographics and 3 layers of study note for an in-depth exploration of bible text.

Download from Google Playstore here FaithLife Bible HERE

Download from iTunes here FaithLife Bible HERE


Yes! Just like the name implies, this is a bible app for kids. Made by YouVersion in partnership with OneHope, the app does exactly what you think it does, providing bible content for kids. Using interactive adventures and beautiful animations, kids can explore the stories of the bible.

With an easy child-friendly interaction, colorful illustrations, fun facts and activities and interactive content aimed at bringing bible stories to life, this app is meant to build up children with the word of God while appealing to their sense of wonder and adventure. The app is available on both android and iOS platforms

Download from Google Playstore here BIBLE APP FOR KIDS HERE

Download from iTunes here BIBLE APP FOR KIDS HERE


This is my personal favourite. Tecarta Bible apps offer downloads of Bible translations in different app packages, but with the bonus that you can download any translation irrespective of the version you have. You also have the ability to view two translations in parallel. The app has a KJV Bible on it by default and you can purchase other translations.

Downloads also include commentaries, devotionals, study Bibles and reading plans. Other features include; the ability to flip back and forth from your Bible to note-taking, margin notes, night mode, quick navigation, quick multiple verses selection, auto-scroll and the ability to synchronize all your highlights, notes and bookmarks across all android devices. This app is also available for Android and iOS devices.

Download from Google Playstore here BIBLE BY TECARTA HERE

Download from iTunes here BIBLE BY TECARTA

Compiled and Written by;

O.G Nakamura (Olagoke Williams)

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