7 Ways Christian Singles Can Have Fun

Hello People of God! How is it going? So there has been so much talk about Christians being overly serious and never knowing how to have fun. Jesus definitely wasn’t in the class. Me too, I’m not part of that class of believers. In this post, we’d talk about Christian fun or how to have fun as Christians.

If the only time you get to have fun is when you shout “Glory!” in church on Sunday, something is off. As I said here, believers are called to a life of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost! You can have fun and still be live holy and within the confines of a believer. Some Christians block out fun from their lives because they don’t want to commit sin. But that’s just a one-way kind of thinking. God created all things for us to enjoy. The devil made counterfeits – sin. We should teach people the right way of enjoying.

When I go out with my friends and take a picture and then someone comments and says things like “You go out too? Aren’t you a Child of God?” I just really wonder.

Yes, I am a Child of God and I also live my life to the fullest. I enjoy my life daily and can have fun too. Click To Tweet

PS: Somethings would not be done in Heaven. So this earthly life you’ve got to live, live well!

Enough preamble… let’s go straight to the point. Ermmmm, this post is for Singlets (singles who aren’t in a relationship) and also unmarried couples. Actually, everyone can enjoy life, married or not. This brings me to this point: You shouldn’t wait until you are married or courting someone before you explore your environment and have fun. You can go with your girls or boys as the case may be, or with family or even alone sef.

You shouldn’t wait until you are married or courting someone before you explore your environments and have fun. You can go with your girls or boys as the case may be, or with family or even alone sef. Click To Tweet

How to have fun as a Christian

  1. Nature parks: Whether it is with your boo or your family or church group or by yourself, visiting nature parks once in a while is always a joy. Getting to watch animals in their natural element and then vegetation around gets you to appreciate God’s works. You also get to take really beautiful pictures and most have space for outdoor picnics. If you stay in Lagos, Nigeria or plan to visit soon, Lekki Conservation Center (LCC) and LUFASI Nature Park is a great choice.
  2. Christian concerts / Karoake / live bands: Music is a thrill to the soul any time and any day, Getting to sing songs about God is even more awesome. You can now understand my disappointment when Lecrae postponed his trip to Nigeria. I’m patiently waiting for when next he’d come. Many different Christian artistes and bands, groups also hold outdoor music concerts. Some of them are RepJ360, Folabi Nuel, #MakingJesusFamous.
    You can follow them on social media so you never get to miss out on their programs.
  3. Play games: This is also much fun to do and doesn’t involve you sinning. Lol… for real, whether it is just two or in a group, whether indoors or outdoors, you can have fun regardless. It can be for just two hours in the afternoon or all-day or even all-night (not for unmarried couples please) One time, youths from my church were out on a retreat and we played this board game from about 10 pm till 1:30 am and it was so much fun. I learnt also…. That I was very impatient with slow people. So I had fun and still got a chance to give expression to the fruit of the Spirit in my life.
  4. If you are just two, you can go on an evening walk and just talk: Taking evening walks are so underrated. You can share on God’s Word, encourage each other, and learn more things about each other with cool breeze blowing over your head. Prayer walks are also really cool plus you wouldn’t really feel it when you pray long because you’d be walking and also praying with someone.
The fact that God created you with the ability to smile and laugh and dance is an indicator that God couldn’t have meant for us to be straight-faced and frowning all the time. Click To Tweet
  1. See a movie together (Unmarried couples please try not to see the movie alone or at night if it’s a romantic one, go to the cinema instead, and maybe not at late night) this can also be fun whether you do it alone or with others. You can also do it in your house or in a cinema. Relaxing and having fun doesn’t always have to include spending money.
  2. Cooking competition: This is so much fun for unmarried couples especially. Even if you both of you aren’t so good cooking, Google is your friend… And creating new recipes and burnt offerings (this is a church code for burnt food) can be interesting.
  3. Going on mission trips! I don’t know about you but talking to people about God is so much fun. When it is now a road trip say with a group from church or your beloved, you get to enjoy the trip to and fro and also enjoy snatching people from the kingdom of hell. Honestly, some of my best days in school were days when I went out my fellowship brethren to neighbouring states and camp for a few days, ministering Christ to the villagers.
  4. Stay in your house: Lol… really guys, I promise, this way you can spend Zero Naira. You can invite your friends over if you want. If it’s your boo you want to invite, try not to be alone.

PS: I don’t have a beef with your boo as it may seem… lol, you need boundaries in your relationship especially as believers. Do not over-trust yourself, you are very much human. So boundaries basically help you stay on track.

God is not a kill-joy. God is not Anti-fun. You only have to do it God’s way which is fun anyways. Click To Tweet

Conclusively, God is not a kill-joy. God is not Anti-fun. You only have to do it God’s way which is fun anyways. If you doubt me, read about Jesus. You’d discover how that Jesus while on earth was far from boring and rigid. He even always constantly rebuked the religious guys.

The list is endless guys. From bible talks, quizzes to community service or volunteering to going on a boat cruise or just sitting by the sea eating suya or roasted fish, we see how that there are so many ways to have fun regardless of your relationship status.

A note of caution though, our lives are constrained by the boundaries within God’s Word. This applies also even when it comes to having fun.

Tell me how you have fun, or what you do for fun as a Christian as a comment below. Thanks for reading.



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