7 Ways To Reignite The Spark In Your Relationship Or Marriage

You remember when you both became a couple, you will talk to each other all day and late into the night yet it will not seem enough.

Remember when the electricity you both generated felt like it could burn up the whole city but now you can barely stand Her/His sight, you don’t feel like the love you once had is still dancing in your heart.

Just before you let go here are few tips to reignite the spark in your relationship or marriage.

1. Have a conversation about it.

Communicate in the best way possible how you feel and why you feel the way you do with your partner. Talk about how you feel check with Him/Her and know if you are the only one feeling like it or not. Speak about your expectations (the failed ones too), then work out a plan together considering each other’s interest.

Communicate in the best way possible how you feel and why you feel the way you do with your partner. Share on X

2. Relive memorable moments and memories.

You probably have had places or things you did together in the past that was very memorable. Go over those events and memories, check the pictures, watch the videos, talk about those moments.

Try recreating some of those moments by attempting those activities again. Maybe you both loved to workout together. Try going to the gym again together, it may help to reignite the spark in your relationship and get your vibe back.

3. Take some time out

If you live in a city like our beautiful ‘Eko’ where you leave the house when it’s dark and get back exhausted when it is dark chances are that you have little or no time to pay attention to ‘your love’. Take a break, go on a mini Honeymoon or a baecation, call it anything you like. Just spend time with ‘the special someone’. Also remember to shut out all distractions including your phones.

Take a break, go on a mini Honeymoon or a baecation. Shut out all distractions and spend time with your special person Share on X

4. Be Intentional

After the initial lovy dovy phase of a relationship and marriage, something I’ll like to call see-finish tends to set in. Because you’ve seen them at their best and worst and because you are no more trying to woo or impress them, you begin to take for granted everything you did to win their love and affection. It’s easy to treat people with less awe when we have been with them for a while.

Get intentional with your gestures towards your partner. You know the tiny things like paying compliments, dates, texts, calls, etc. If you have to set reminders to do this Abeg do anything to fan your dying love and reignite the spark in your relationship or marriage

5. Adventure is a spice to life

See, when you can predict your whole day you will most likely be bored. Check out new things with Boo/Bae. Visit a new resort, restaurant, hotel, shop, etc. Even as little as trying out a new food recipe or watching a new movie series or playing a game together.

Just do a new activity together, you can never tell you may ignite new hobbies but much more than that you will bound.  

6. Get involved in His/Her life

Encourage your partner by being interested in their affairs even when you do not totally understand, ask questions. Make a conscious effort to support and grow each other.

Celebrating victories is also a great bonding exercise. For instance, your ‘le boo’ gets a deal in the office, surprise Him with a cake, wine, anything and you ‘le boo’ celebrate your ‘babe’ too.

Encourage your partner by being interested in their affairs. Share on X

7. See a counselor or someone who can help

If you have to see someone who can help you view your relationship in retrospect, Please Do! Counselors and therapist are trained to help address human, social and phycological problems, so It’s very okay to visit one if you need help, you are not a failure because someone has to resolve your issues. If you need help, please ask.

If you need help see a counselor, you are not a failure because someone has to resolve your issues. Share on X

Boo/Bae, I get the power sex holds in rekindling a relationship’s spark, but sex in itself can’t fix your relationship/marriage problems. Except the problem is because you are not having enough sex, which of course is exclusive only to the married folks.

As beautiful as sex is with the enormous benefits, it cannot substitute the other many vital parts of marriage like communication, sensitivity, attention, forgiveness, etc, therefore, Sex is a poor option to turn to when you need to rekindle your spark.

Don’t give up on your Love yet,

Awon block people, I bet that your one cent can save a relationship.

So leave a comment below.


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