9 Wisdom Nuggets for Everyday Productivity

I don’t know about you, but trying to figure out the entirety of my life is like reading the book of Leviticus. Lots of things are going on but I don’t understand them all. I believe making the most of one’s life begins with making the most of each day. Yet I have come to realize that making the most of each day is very much dependent on few tips of personal productivity.

Now, I try to figure out one day at a time which is easier than figuring out my whole life at a single time. If I know what to do each day, then as a whole, I would be doing the right things consistently for a week which becomes a month, then a year, then my whole life.

Personal productivity, therefore, is an important factor in making the most of our lives.

Thankfully, a popular Christian Missionary and Pastor, Pastor John Piper, did a podcast on the subject a while back.

Here are the tips for personal productivity noted:

  • Don’t measure yourself via the standards of others.

Learn from others by all means, aim to get better and probably attain a height someone else is. But there is wisdom in no using other people standard as your standard. The word of God should be your standard.

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  • Give 10% of your focus in life to avoiding obstacles to productivity and 90% of your focus to fastening on to great goals and pursuing them with all your might.

Get those weight off.

  • Give serious thought and prayer to what your all-consuming life goal is (to know Christ and to make Him known). This way, you get to know what matters most to you in life.
  • Get a Gospel-rooted sense of accountability before the living God.
  • Add to your sense of accountability, a sense of urgency.
  • Do all you do with all your heart. Leave no room for half-heartedness.
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  • Many chops fell a huge tree. In other words, keep trying. Don’t give up.
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  • Be willing to do many things in life cheerfully- including those things that do not come naturally to you. Life is not always about one’s convenience.
Be willing to do many things in life cheerfully- including those things that do not come naturally to you. Life is not always about one's convenience. Click To Tweet
  • Find your niche. Put most of your energy and love there for Christ and the kingdom.

With the above personal productivity tips, I’m learning to put first things first. I don’t know what your life’s goal maybe but I believe these tips can help put things in a better perspective for you.

Many of us had great plans at the beginning of the year. I hope we haven’t given up on them. If God put them in our heart, even times and seasons cannot diminish their importance. Let’s dust the cobwebs off those plans and get to work.

Listen to Ten Principles for Personal Productivity // Ask Pastor John

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I hope this helps you.

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