“Successful and unsuccessful people do not vary greatly in their abilities. They vary in their desires to reach their potential.”  – John Maxwell

Hello friends, I welcome you to another session of IGNITE SERIES. I am sure this year has been full of immense productivity and enlargement. We still have about seven (4) weeks to the end of year 2016, so therefore a lot is still very possible. I would like us to continue from where we stopped “A-game in the workplace”.

Every successful person has a competitive advantage they leverage on. Share on X

If you don’t know something others don’t know then you are just like every other person, which means you are replaceable. Knowing something that other people don’t know gives you an edge- it’s that edge that you’re looking for.

tired-man-at-workWe have considered somethings to do in the previous session in order to carve a niche in the workplace, they are;

Let’s consider some more components of workplace diplomacy

4. Be in search of opportunities

Henry ford once said that when preparation meets opportunities, success is inevitable. Seizing an opportunity implies maximizing moment to your advantage, your boss given you a task to do is an opportunity for you to show that you are competent. Hence do it efficiently and effectively.

Recognize opportunities and execute them effectively well.

You must not fail to do the following;

  • Fail to recognize the moment for what it is
  • Don’t panic when you experience an opportunity you think it’s too big for you
  • Get so excited that you fail at the task.

And one more thing that can increase your competency level is to look back at the opportunities you missed and what you would do if you had the same chance a second time.

5. My game plan/formation

Your game plan has to be something you are going to be. It’s something that propels you continuously.  Your game plan can sort of be a mission statement. It is different from setting objectives which is how to be the person your game plan decides you are.

So who are you going to be? Successful? A failure? Someone who gives up? Someone who springs up very fast? A brilliant career person? None of these?

Your game plan should include your qualities a well as sort of game you want to plan –“I will be successful ad outstanding and also be a people person”.

Not many people sit down to consciously carry out this formation plan. In a game of football, formation is the key strategy to a good game play. This is an essential tool to get you to where you want to be. If a lot of people did this, then they can easily predict their promotion cycle and their appraisal feedback.

6. Understanding the appraisal/promotion system

When you start your career, most people aim to climb to the highest peak in their career. No successful person ever arrives anywhere luckily. You should know the system and use it. You should understand the step to take to get you from A to B and onwards to Z.

In order to profit from an organization you have to study the promotional system. Don’t wait for fate or luck to propel you upwards. Turn your selfless commitment to luck and accelerate yourself within the system.

No successful person ever arrives anywhere luckily. Share on X

If you don’t know the promotional system in your industry, go to work on Monday and learn it.

There is something I did and I titled it promotion chart, you can learn from it;

Within your industry look upwards to the most senior position that can be held.

Now look at the lowest-mark it.

Now plot all the steps-in between

Now mark your own place

Now list the steps needed to get there.

You now have your own promotion chart and can cross off each step as you make it. You can also list all the skills and experience that you would need for each step to be made successfully. You should also add how you want to acquire this- where you must go, what you have to learn and what you need to study.

Keep Soaring I see you getting better. To be continued next week

From your coach

Adebayo Ajayi


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