A Tale I Ought to Tell – Oreoluwa Macaulay

On January 5th, 2019 Oreoluwa Macaulay had the first book reading event tagged Unfolded for her newly released book – ‘A Tale I Ought to Tell’. A Tale I Ought to Tell is a compilation of thought-provoking poems by Oreoluwa Macaulay.

Oreoluwa the author has been enthralling audiences for a while now with her beautifully crafted poems and smooth spoken word performances. All of the awesomeness that is Oreoluwa Macualay came together in the launch of A Tale I Ought to Tell.

The event took place at the resplendent ambience of the Cowry Wise office, located at the high brow, Ikeja GRA. The staff of Cowry Wise, friends and fans turned up to show Oreoluwa love.

To be honest I had never sat under Oreoluwa’s performance prior to the book launch, but I got a good first impression. From the moment she was introduced by her boo (coughs), to when she delivered the last poem reading, it was magic.

We played a brief game of charades at the beginning of the event, to get us set for Oreoluwa’s book reading and to familiarize ourselves with other members of the audience.

We were held spellbound as she read poem after poem, accompanied with Jo Deep’s melodious strumming of the guitar.

There were moments where all together we tried to grasp the meaning behind some of the poems, but last last we let the author give us direction (lol).

The reading sessions were interactive, as emotions were expressed freely after each rendition.

The book A Tale I Ought to Tell

Every poem in the book tells the story of an aspect of Oreoluwa’s life. It was an amazing event and I am glad I witnessed it and got to meet the author, who is such a pleasant person.

#ATIOTT Book Reading – Oreoluwa Macaulay

The event ended with photo shoot, book signing and yeah, dance dance dance. To get a copy of the book, see details below.

Book available at https://www.oreoluwacmacaulay.com

Connect with Oreoluwa Macaulay;
Twitter: @oreoluwa_m
Instagram: @oreoluwa__m

Other Credit:
Music: Jo Deep https://instagram.com/iamjodeep
Video: Lifegiva Consult [ http://consult.lifegiva.com ]
Location: Cowry Wise [ https://www.cowrywise.com ]

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