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The fast approaching season of love has gotten my mind riveting in so many directions: what to do, what to wear, where to go and who to spend the time with. Well, this is the average life of a bored member of the single status club and it isn’t hard to tell that I am on the A- list!
I remembered last year though, my pretty red dress to go with the signature color of love. My carefully written list of things to do before Valentine’s Day ran out. To crown it up an imaginary Prince Charming to spend the evening within a romantic candlelight dinner. My life really was the best fit for Nollywood.
Well, ladies and gents, it seemed Cupid and even St. Valentine himself was not on my side. My body chose that day out of 365 days in a year to catch a bad cold. Nevertheless, I was undeterred. I went out at 5:00 pm sharp in my carefully ironed red dress which I had tucked away neatly for the Val’s’ day celebration. From that point on I learnt the most valuable of this season of love…and plus “never wear 6-inch heels in a danfo!”
For what it’s worth, in my opinion, it really doesn’t matter what you spend Val’s day doing: watching movies, sleeping, dinner with your spouse, choir practice. I can go on and on what matters is that you reach out to someone and I tell you my dears that joy you derive from it is what makes St. Valentine’s day special. St. Valentine just wanted me to realize that the 14th of February is to remind me of the love that still exists in humanity.

So give someone anything to take home happily. It could be a smile or a material gift, anything to make that person feel better about the day. How about you reach out to a stranger? What matters is that we all in little or big ways reach out to each other!

At the end of that day, I had no romantic dinner, no prince charming and a list of things I did not do because I got caught in the rain. I spent what was left of Val’s day wrapped in blankets with weak tears of hopelessness threatening to fall. The funny thing is, a week later I realized that was the best Val’s day have ever had when I thought of all the children I allowed under my little umbrella that evening, the beggar under the shade and the cheerful old woman who couldn’t cross the street and well… my mother pampered me non-stop for two weeks!
So this year I’m not crazy about the red dress because I bought a green one a week ago. I’m staying home this time, I squeezed in a new item 7 on my long unending list: Make People Happy Today and yes there’s still a prince charming though- an actual prince charming!


Dosunmu Oyindamola

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